Elizabeth Warren Stopped Into Grass Fed This Weekend

What do you think US Senator Elizabeth Warren ordered when she visited Grass Fed this past weekend in Jamaica Plain?

The answer: A grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with a root beer float, according to Boston Magazine, who spoke with store supervisor Ida Khojandpour.

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Warren is definitely familiar with the JP cuisine scene, having poured beers at Doyle’s Cafe in 2012.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, visited Doyle's Cafe on the campaign trail in 2012.


US Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, visited Doyle’s Cafe on the campaign trail in 2012.

More recently, Warren supported one of Massachusetts’ most famous food favorites: Dunkin’ Donuts. In June, she brought a bunch of donuts to the US House Democrats at the US Capitol during a sit-in protesting bills blocked by House leadership to expand background checks to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns.

  • Mindy Fried

    Was she there on Porchfest day?!!! (I’m guessing the answer is “no” or there would have been a huge buzz about her! #jpporchfest)

  • Hillary C.

    it’s not high profile enuff yet for her to make an appearance. Once it gets to a higher profile, she’ll be there. Trust me.

  • Tommy M

    Her Teepee doesn’t have a porch.

  • Ellie

    You all can mock her if you like, but she works hard for the people. Name one thing that YOU have done for this or any community. Crickets.