Canto 6 Bakery is Closing

Get your delicious breads and baked goods from Canto 6 Bakery while you still have the chance — because the venerable Jamaica Plain bakery on the corner of Washington Street and Glen Road is reportedly closing at the end of August.

A Twitter user reported Thursday morning a “For Rent” sign on the bakery’s window:

An employee confirmed to Jamaica Plain News Thursday afternoon that the business is indeed closing. No specific reason for the impending closure was given, but the employee, who wished to remain anonymous, said it is possible the bakery may open in a different location in the future.

Canto 6 under repair on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2015.

Chris Helms

File photo: Canto 6 under repair on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2015.

  • Money is Powerful

    It has been closed for the past 2 days. It looks like it is closed for good already.

    Does anyone know what happened? I heard the owner had a baby. But I don’t know why she had to abruptly close without giving her longtime patrons an explanation. I believe James Gate did the same thing….

    • jenuphoto

      similar to what is reported above, i asked one of the employees last week and she said the owners live in winthrop and had a baby – the distance and being really busy with a new baby makes it too hard to keep the business going. they are closing at end of august but they are hoping they might reopen somewhere else in time once things settle down.
      re vacation: i seem to recall they do close every year for a week here and there for vacation so i don’t think it is permanent – yet…
      JPNews: why don’t you talk to the owners instead of pulling news from twitter?

      • Money is Powerful

        There is a “for rent” sign on Canto’s store front. What more info do you need?

      • Money is Powerful

        So they are closing in a couple of days. The rumors were facts.

  • Humana

    I just hope all are OK. What a terrible news. The best pastries far, far. But it was also a magnet for nice people, both the employees and many of the patrons. One of the reasons to live in Boston. Like the rest of us true regulars, I wish they would open in my neighborhood. Best luck to Susanne and Jonny and all employees, we will miss you!!!

  • Humana

    The message on their phone says SUMMER VACATION, reopening on August 9!? Fingers crossed!!!

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