New Patio Opening at Fiore’s This Weekend

If you’ve ever eaten at Fiore’s Bakery on the weekend you know that it can often be hard to find a seat. But come this weekend there will be more seating thanks to a new wooden patio behind the restaurant that will be available to customers.

A new patio at Fiore's is opening the last weekend of July 2016.

A new patio at Fiore’s is opening the last weekend of July 2016.

To get to the patio you need to walk down the driveway on the side of the restaurant and then behind a free standing garage. The patio is tucked between the garage and a couple of parking spots.

Fiore's new patio

Fiore’s new patio


  • TFS

    I hope they buy some resin furniture to go with the pressure treated walls and plastic decking.

    • Andrew Breton

      that sounds pretty snarky to me – that could be a very nice space with a few plants and the right furniture

      • Doris

        Why so judgmental, Andrew? Is mean spirited name-calling really the way to respond to a comment you may not agree with?

        • no-trump

          Ha Ha, andrew gets her panties in a twist over these things all the time. How dare you contradict the boss of everyone?

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