O’Malley Says Southwest Corridor Needs a Dog Park

On the heels of the news that off-leash dogs will no longer be allowed in Jamaica Plain’s Beecher Street Park, District 6 City Councilor Matt O’Malley is requesting a meeting with state officials to begin identifying and building infrastructure for a dog park as part of the Southwest Corridor, which runs through the heart of JP adjacent to the MBTA tracks.

In the letter addressed to Department of Conservation and Recreation Commissioner Leo Roy, O’Malley acknowledges that, while the Beecher Street Park was never officially sanctioned as a dog park, “patrons and neighbors seemed to coexist peacefully for most of the time.” Unfortunately, he goes on, recent issues between users of the park and abutters led to the Boston Parks and Recreation Department’s declaration Thursday that dogs in the park must be leashed at all times.

A photo of District City Councilor Matt O'Malley having "impromptu office hours" at Beecher Street Park when it was an off-leash dog area.


A photo of District City Councilor Matt O\’Malley having \”impromptu office hours\” at Beecher Street Park when it was an off-leash dog area.

“I have long maintained that certain areas along the Southwest Corridor would be ideal locations for a dog park,” O’Malley writes. “It is centrally located, removed from residential dwellings, and offers the necessary space to allow for exercise and socialization of pets. … The closure of the Beecher Street Dog Park is an opportunity that demands action.”

The full letter can be accessed below.

O'Malley dog letter

O'Malley dog letter page 2

  • Deb Beatty Mel

    Let’s just keep the dogs away from the bike path, please.

  • Sarah

    I think the area near Lamartine/New Minton/Amory would be a great spot (the grassy area near the skateboard area). That said, I think it would be best if it were fenced off, otherwise its proximity to the bike path poses too much of a risk.

  • Trans Global Girl

    Thanks, Matt, this is a great idea and would seem to be the obvious choice for neighborhood dogs now that Beecher St has been closed to them. The dog park would definitely have to be fenced, preferably with a double gate entrance, to make it safe for the dogs, bikers, pedestrians and children playing nearby. I know it’s Boston but I hope this happens soon.

  • Eva Kaniasty

    Please support these efforts by signing the JP Dog Parks petition:

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