Online Petition for a Jamaica Plain Off-Leash Dog Park Gathering Support

Public support for a dog park in Jamaica Plain has gain steamed this week thanks to a petition. The movement for a dog park was jumpstarted earlier this month after Boston’s Park and Recreation Department said the Beecher Street Park would no longer be an off-leash dog park.

Eva Kaniasty started the petition, which will be delivered to several local and state representatives, including District 6 City Councilor Matt O’Malley, who has requested a public meeting with the Department of Conservation and Recreation to discuss creating a dog park in JP.  Once the petition reaches 300 signatures, it will also be delivered to DCR Commissioner Leo Roy, the MassParks Paws Program, Board President of the Franklin Park Coalition Anita Morson-Matr, and Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy President Franco Campanello.

The petition had close to 250 signatures as of Monday night only a few days after its creation.

The petition calls for a city- or state-run dog park in JP, as there are none currently, despite hundreds of dog households.

The petition reads: “Self-managed attempts to create dog parks within dense residential areas such as Minton Stable Gardens and most recently at Beecher St. have failed, largely due to abutter complaints. This leaves dog owners with few options to exercise their dogs.”

And the petition characterizes neighboring Brookline as being more friendly to dogs,  “By contrast, nearby Brookline currently administers the Green Dog program, which offers a number of recreation options for dog owners. The City of Boston overall lags behind the national trend for the creation of large numbers of dog parks.”

Numerous signees have left supportive comments explaining why they want an off-leash dog park in JP.

“This is a smart response to the recent closure of the Beecher St dog park. there is plenty of local parkland that could serve this purpose well,” said Ava Cheloff of JP.

“JP needs an off-leash dog park. The ideal place would be the Southeast Corridor Park which is centrally located, not close to any homes and seems to have space available,” said Pia Barth.

“Please find a suitable space for dog owners to exercise their dogs in JP. Beecher street dog park was the main reason we choose to live in JP and now we don’t know what to do,” said Nicole Biller.

You can sign the petition by clicking on the link below:

  • Scott

    Absolutely not. No public space and taxpayer money should be spend on this bullshit. If you don’t have a backyard, DON’T GET A DOG. Move to Brookline.

    • Matt

      Scott, its not about having a back yard or not. Many dog owners in JP already do. Its about having a place to exercise dogs, and to socialize them and humans. Sorry you feel this is a waste but many in JP and around Boston enjoy dog parks and governments role, in small part, is to maintain and improve public parks.

      • Scott

        Then they can buy or rent property for that purpose. Our parks aren’t meant for dog grazing.

        • Matt

          I suppose we should insist that people with children buy or rent property for playgrounds and schools to teach their children. Why even have public parks? Private citizens should buy or rent those too if they love outdoor space so much, time for them to pay up.

          • Scott

            Comparing humans to canines, lol. The dog freaks really are certifiable.

        • Chelsea Jane Gowen Grossman

          Having public amenities such as dog parks increases your property value and creates community in your neighborhood. Additionally, if we had a dog park in JP then maybe the biking and walking trails wouldn’t be so cluttered with people walking their dogs in the evening. Giving people without dogs like you more room to enjoy their public space!

    • Eva Kaniasty

      Let me guess, you’re the guy who tells people to leave America if they don’t like it here.

      • Scott

        Let me guess, you’re the girl who wants to take away public property and spend other people’s money to do it.

        • Eva Kaniasty

          Well, looks like as of today, almost 400 people agree with me and disagree with you.


    • Nez Med

      And you should educate yourself about the benefits of having dogs in a neighborhood. It promotes interactions between neighbors and has a long list of health benefits that might actually help with the overall increasing healthcare cost that the taxpayers are paying for. Think beyond your nose…

      • Scott

        Try reading what I wrote again. Seems to have gone over your head.

        • Nez Med

          Time spent on discussing anything with people like you is a waste of my time! My time is too precious and too short to be wasting it on pure ignorance and selfishness. I feel sad for you and wish you the best!

          • Scott

            Boo hoo. Take a shower loser.

          • Nez Med

            hahahahahaha Great response!

  • Rebecca

    I don’t have kids, but my taxpayer money is used on playgrounds. I don’t grow my own food, but there are public spaces (like on the Southwest Corridor) for gardens. Communities should be inclusive. Dog owners are just asking for some dedicated space, like other groups already have.

  • Christopher Ott

    room for cars??: everywhere you look…room for living things like people and animals are not a priority in this city. sad

  • Malena

    Absolutely. Communities should be inclusive especially when you live in a city. I don’t own a dog but that doesn’t mean I don’t support those who do. Plus, investing in a dog park is but a drop in the bucket in terms of actual cost. My suggestion would be that dog owners organize and create a group that takes care of it because the city it’s not going to do it for you.

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