Two Wounded in Shooting But Will Not Tell Cops Where It Happened

Boston Police confirm that two people were shot Thursday afternoon — but it’s no longer clear if the violence actually took place near Forest Hills Station.

Officer Stephen McNulty said the two’s injuries aren’t considered life threatening.

Boston Police initially told the Globe the violence took place at Arborway and Morton just before 5 p.m. Thursday. However, a more detailed account released Friday indicated that the victims and witnesses police spoke to were “not very cooperative,” according to McNulty. The victims and witnesses would not say where the shooting took place or what caused it, according to police.

One thing there’s no denying is that the incident brought a heavy police response during rush hour to the area around Forest Hills T.

[Editor’s note: We’ve updated the headline and text based on new information that casts doubt on whether the shootings actually took place at Arborway and Morton.]

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