Police Release Name of Man Killed Outside 7-Eleven

Boston Police confirm that the name of the man who was shot dead outside 7-Eleven on Centre Street was Jeffrey Kelly, 28, of Boston.

Kelly was killed early Saturday morning, Aug. 27. His death was one of four overnight shooting incidents reported in the city.

Police say they received a call for a person having been shot near 454 Centre St. That’s the 7-Eleven where Centre meets South Huntington.

The man, later identified as Kelly, was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead, police said.

Kelly’s death is the second in recent years at the 7-Eleven. In 2011, Kenny “Black” Soto, 19, was mortally stabbed outside the convenience store in 2011. A jury later convicted Hector “Nemo” Soto, no relation, of his murder. Hector Soto is serving a life sentence and is currently at MCI Norfolk, according to state records.

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    It’s scary…yet another Pondside murder. I hope they get this Pondside Killer before s/he kills again.

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