Stephen Murphy: Why I Should Be Elected the Next Suffolk County Register of Deeds

First, let me say, thank you! We won the Democratic Primary with tremendous support from across Suffolk County.

Stephen Murphy, Democratic Party candidate for Suffolk Country Register of Deeds, with his wife Bridget.

Stephen Murphy, Democratic Party nominee for Suffolk Country Register of Deeds, with his wife Bridget.

We finished first in Boston, Chelsea, Revere and Winthrop. We ran a positive campaign, we had a team of dedicated volunteers, and through door knocking, phone calling and speaking directly with voters our positive message resonated with voters across Suffolk County. I am honored, humbled, and proud to be the Democratic nominee for Suffolk County Register of Deeds.

In this busy presidential election season, why is the Suffolk Registry of Deeds important to you, your family and your neighbors?

It’s very important, because it’s about your home. Or the home you want to buy. Or the home you want to sell.

It’s about your record of purchase, mortgage or discharge.

The Suffolk Registry of Deeds is not as well-known as other government agencies, but the mission of the Registry of Deeds is to securely keep and provide accurate and accessible land record information.

It’s about working for you to ensure that you know that your home can be protected by the Homestead Act.

It’s about creating a website that allows ease of access to land records via your computer or mobile device.

It’s about constituent service.

It’s about being local in your neighborhood, providing information you need or answers to your questions you have about your home, whether you are staying, selling, or looking to buy.

It’s about leadership to ensure you and your home, are protected from untrustworthy sources or scams.

The Register of Deeds is the manager of a public agency. As one of your Boston city councilors for nearly 20 years, I served three terms as president of the Boston City Council where I managed a budget of $5.8 million with 88 employees where I returned surplus funds at the end of each fiscal year end. I also have prior experience as a general operations manager in a private sector transportation company where I oversaw over day-to-day operations and 400 employees.

Constituent service is the cornerstone of public service and the most important part of the job.

I have always focused my attention on the needs of those who take the time to call or visit. I lead by example to ensure that each interaction is answered professionally with kindness, a positive interaction and helpful information. When someone takes the time to reach out to find out information or needs help with an issue, that question or issue is of the most importance to that person, and I ensure that they should be treated as such in helping navigate through government processes, which at times, can be daunting.

I am the only candidate who has public management and finance experience, a strong record of constituent services, and the only candidate who has actually worked in the Suffolk Registry of Deeds!

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

When you vote, after marking your choices for electors of president and vice president, representative in Congress, Governor’s Councillor, Senator in General Court, Representative in General Court, Sheriff, and before you get to the questions, I ask you for your vote for Register of Deeds for the Suffolk District.

Thank you for your consideration.

Editor’s note: Jamaica Plain News invited the four Suffolk County Register of Deeds candidates to submit op-eds about why they want to be elected to the position on Election Day.

  • Katie Forde

    I will be running again in 2018 to hold Mr. Murphy accountable and call him out for the empty promises made above. I won Jamaica Plain with over 95% of the vote for a reason. I went door to door, showed up at forums (he did not) and put in the work. Further, I was endorsed by the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald. Mr. Murphy won on name recognition, an influx of cash and took advantage of the number of people running in the democratic primary (seven total). In fact, 68% of Democratic primary voters indicated that they did not want Mr. Murphy to have this position. Please keep that in mind. Currently, I am preparing for the most important job of all, motherhood. My husband and I are welcoming twin girls in February. I will be back in 2018 to ask for your vote. Onward. – Katie Forde

    • Henry

      This is interesting.

      When asked why were you running you while you were collecting signatures to run for Register of Deeds at a Democratic caucus you said you thought you were qualified to run and that you liked the salary because it was more than you make. You went on to say you would be supporting Hillary and all the Dems on the ballot after the Primary.

      As a Democrat who lives in JP I was supporting a candidate who was an attorney and I thought more qualified than you, a paralegal. My candidate lost and so did you. And your math is a little fuzzy….only 10% of Dems turned out….so your 68% is incorrect.

      Loyal to my party I am now supporting Mr. Murphy.

      You obviously have a very high opinion of yourself. My candidate, Mr. Murphy, and you worked very hard for this vacancy. You didn’t outwork them. The difference was you ran a negative campaign.

      You too, as a Democrat, should be supportive of our party nominee, staying true to your word and not challenging someone who has yet to win the election or take office.

      • Mumbles

        For a largely administrative and clerical job (which frankly should be appointed by the secretary of state) party loyalty is not a factor in this election. Vote for someone who will actually show up for the job, not an unemployed hack looking for a no-heavy-lifting soft landing while he pads his pension.

  • AlanThinks

    My observations of his activity at City Council meetings is that he should no be in public employ.

  • Mumbles

    Has he explained how he will address constituent service issues from his condo in Florida?

    • Henry

      Not for nothing, but I attended a meeting recently where Mr. Murphy was asked and answered the questions about Florida. Mr. Murphy stated he does have a condo in Florida, where he spent about 2 1/2 – 3 weeks there over the year including weekends. He also said he never missed a council meeting.

      He also addressed the parking garage info that was in the Globe. He did not access the parking garage as much as he had for months bc he said he was commuting in with his wife. He said they had to move out of their house due to construction and they rented a townhouse in the city where parking was limited. And with the snow that year, it made more sense to carpool. He said the garage pass is just that, a garage pass. It not let you into City Hall.

      He also mentioned his Father was was sick and passed away.

      My opinion changed of him. He isn’t what Ms. Forde or you allege. He said his mistake was ignoring the Globe. It was interesting. And keep in mind, this is coming from someone who worked against him in the Primary.

      It is partisan for Ms. Forde- considering that she said she would support all Dems on the ballot after the Primary and she ran as a Dem.

      And anyone elected to this office would receive a pension- why is that only negative to Murphy? Because he served on the City Council before? If my candidate, or Ms. Forde had won, they too would have received a pension.

      I’m so sick of negative campaigning and those who promulgate allegations against someone for the benefit of someone else or themselves. I’ve kept quiet in the past, but this election season has prompted me to voice my opinion!

      • Marty

        Henry, I was willing to at least consider what you were saying about a message ago, but now your comments are too long and suspect. Personally, I cannot vote for Mr. Murphy because he hasn’t done anything in his political career that merits anyone’s vote. This is not negative campaigning but rather fact. Unfortunately, your candidate may prevail because he has the right last name and the right connections in this town.

        • Henry

          Marty, if you suspect that I am helping and voting for Mr. Murphy you are right! Full disclosure, I am also cheering for the Cubs!

          Following the meeting I attended, I agreed to help Mr. Murphy’s campaign, so I am. This political cycle has prompted me to be more active.

          As for your comment about negative campaigning, the fact is, it was negative campaigning. Fact is that Mr. Murphy did a lot as one of our City Councilors. He is the author of CORI and PILOT reform, he was the co author of the Living Wage in Boston, he wrote legislation protecting student athletes on Boston fields providing concussion screening and legislation limiting/regulating diesel emissions, and he was the one who was able to find money by refinancing bonds to save the libraries that were going to close a few years ago, to name a few. To outright dismiss his contributions on the Council is not fair.

          You have your opinion and I have mine. Let’s respect who we support and those running against them.

          I am proud to support all the Dems on the ballot, from Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chang-Diaz, Rep. Malia, Sheriff Tompkins and Mr. Murphy!