Read the Sign: Everyone is Welcome at City Feed and Supply (and in Jamaica Plain)

One of Jamaica Plain’s more prominent and popular businesses has made it clear with a sign in their window — everyone is welcome.

A sign in multiple languages with a hijab-wearing woman welcomes everyone to City Feed and Supply.

A sign featuring a hijab-wearing woman now welcomes visitors to City Feed and Supply on Centre Street.

The sign at City Feed and Supply on Centre Street features a hijab-wearing woman and proclaims “Everyone is Welcome Here” in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. Twitter user Melissa Jean tweeted a photo of the sign on Nov. 18, adding “props to @cityfeednews for this welcoming sign.”

A City Feed and Supply employee told Jamaica Plain News that a woman came into the store on Friday and asked if she could post the sign. Management quickly and wholeheartedly agreed, and displayed the sign in the store’s front window.

Since the presidential election Nov. 8, there are many reports of immigrants, non-English speakers and non-white people in Boston and across the country being threatened and assaulted. Jamaica Plain is not immune: A swastika was scratched into a recycling bin at a Jewish family’s home on Wenham Street. The sign seems an apt reminder that the Jamaica Plain community has long welcomed individuals from diverse backgrounds.

  • Patty

    Thank you but it is so sad that this sign even has to be put up. This election has brought out the worst in many but I am happy this I live in this wonderful, diverse community where we can all learn from each other and live in peace.

  • Hhss

    I support the sentiment. I doubt, however, that many illegal immigrants can afford to shop at City Feed

    • Sarah

      I think the sign is directed at more than undocumented immigrants. Documented immigrants, muslims, people of color, LGBTQ people, etc have all been feeling unsafe since the election, and I think this sign is targeted at many of them.

  • malena

    that’s what I thought about Whole Paycheck, oops…Whole Foods, and I see a lot of different people in there and I’m talking about economic diversity. I suspect that like most of us, they buy some of the prepared foods and/or a few things they may need. I think City Feed’s prices for sandwiches, soups, and coffees are comparable to other places and the quality is good.

    • Irma

      It’s not necessary to knock a perfectly good store (W.F.). This is not the conversation for that. Please stay on topic – City feed did an admirable thing and I hope those who agree with the sign support the store.

  • Monster

    I whole-heartedly support the sentiment, but I generally find blatant virtue signaling to be grating.

    (Also: no Arabic?)