JP Shines, O’Malley Team Up to Track and Decrease Cigarette Litter

Starting Tuesday 33 smart cigarette receptacles will be installed in Jamaica Plain as part of an initiative by JP Shines and District 6 City Councilor Matt O’Malley.

Sidewalk Buttler is an app-based cigarette litter receptacle that tracks cigarette recycling.

Sidewalk Buttler is an app-based cigarette litter receptacle that tracks cigarette recycling.

Numerous local businesses are funding the Sidewalk Buttler smart cigarette receptacles being installed and maintained by JP Shines volunteers. The first phase of installations will be on Tuesday in front of McCormack & Scanlan Real Estate and Ferris Wheels Bike Shop at 66 and 68 South St. at noon.

Sidewalk Buttler is novel company that utilizes tracking capabilities for cigarette recycling. A custom Android application uses an embedded RFID chip to track totals when each unit is serviced. Also, an embeddable widget allows participating businesses to show statistics of recycled cigarettes on their websites.

“District 6 has consistently been an environmental pioneer in the city of Boston. I applaud JP Shines for finding creative solutions to solving one of the biggest contributors to litter that we see every day on our streets and in our gutters,” said O’Malley, who represents Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, parts of Roxbury and Roslindale and Back of the Hill. “We appreciate the support of the city’s Public Works Department and their continuing efforts to address quality of life issues in the neighborhoods.”

“JP Shines is a litter prevention campaign started by the Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association in April 2013. The campaign covers all of JP and expects this first phase of Sidewalk Buttler receptacles will help reach a higher standard of cleanliness in the neighborhood,” said Michael Reiskind, member of JP Shines.

This pilot initiative continues O’Malley’s work with the Clean Boston Task Force, which he began after a public hearing to increase public recycling and reduce litter in 2014. JP Shines is a participating organization with the Clean Boston Task Force.

Interested businesses in Jamaica Plain can contact Michael Reiskind of JP Shines at

  • Monster

    People still smoke?

  • Spike

    They could use a few around Hatoff’s along with receptacles for cig cellophanes, losing scratch tickets, and baggie corners.

  • Marty

    Galway House and Tedeschis are in need of as well.

  • Paul

    Is there any cost to the taxpayers for this service?

    • Kim Mitchell

      The receptacles were purchased by business sponsors and a team of volunteers will empty them. In the long run, they will save taxpayers money as the cigarettes won’t need to be cleaned off the sidewalks by DPW, and/or they won’t clog up our storm drains.

  • Scott

    Solutions like these are most effective when people become less rude/arrogant/lazy about their trash deposits

  • Malena

    I wonder if something similar can be done for dog poop around the neighborhood. It’s not so noticeable in the well-traveled areas because people don’t dare but the side streets can be a mess especially when the weather gets cold and it snows.

  • Carol J Galvin

    You re so right Marty. The Galway is like a smoking station! These receptacles will prevent fires from starting from discarded cigarettes also.
    Why is it Jamaica Plain has litter all over the place when other neighborhoods do not?. West Roxbury’s streets and sidewalks are much cleaner than JP’s. The people in the neighborhood drop the litter. No one runs over to JP from Dedham to drop litter.

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