‘Espresso Yourself’ May Fill Former Uforge Gallery Space

Here’s some buzz: It appears more coffee might be coming to Centre Street, replacing a space previously occupied by a popular art gallery.

“Espresso Yourself” will have a petition in front of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council’s Public Service Committee at its Tuesday, Dec. 6, meeting, requesting a seven-day common victualler license from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., with takeout services. April Qin and Feruz Tairov are the petitioners, with Tairov listed as the manager.

Until recently, the space in question at 767 Centre St. was home to the Uforge Gallery. After five-plus years, Uforge closed the gallery space in October.

If Espresso Yourself (which, based on the punny name, would presumably serve coffee) does arrive, it would operate in close proximity to Caffe Nero, which opened nearly two years ago, Dunkin’ Donuts and other nearby coffee spots.

The public service committee meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at Curtis Hall. Also on the agenda is a review of committee initiatives for the next two years.

  • Laura

    We need a coffee shop in Hyde Square where caffe aromi used to be! Come up here!

    • HydeSquare

      I agree, but due to the disgusting greed of the dirtbag who owns that building, and his nasty little henchwoman, I doubt even a Starbucks would find it feasible to run a coffee shop there.

      • Trans Global Girl

        Greed combined with stupidity – they’d rather keep the space vacant for years than offer affordable rents to our community.

        • HydeSquare

          Not stupid. That particular slime ball owns lots of rental properties around JP. By essentially keeping some properties off the market by demanding rents higher than the market dictates, the already bloated rents at his many other JP properties will remain artificially high due to “limited supply”. The result is all JP rents will go up, as only deeper and deeper pockets will be able to afford the rent. Why do you think that place in the Ace Hardware building remained vacant for years, despite a good economy? More sleazy tactics from another unscrupulous scumbag landlord, who also own lots and lots of property in and around JP.

          • K Fay

            Just to clarify a few points above, the owner of the proposed location of the coffee shop only owns a small number of stores and is not the bigger landlords. Also, the owner of the Ace Hardware block was at one time proposing to tear that block down and buiid a three story building so I think that was part of the reason for the vacancy(ies) there I am not defending the price of rents that are high. .

          • dopey

            A. charlie chans had a fire and then the pink samari people botched their restaurant idea causing it to sit vacant.
            B. The former bella luna and aromi are vacant because no one wants to rent them. Just bc he is a bad guy in your mind doesn’t mean he is stupid enough to purposefully keep spaces empty. that would cause more losses than any inflated rents could make up for – your thesis is mathematically silly.
            C. shut upa your mouth

          • HydeSquare

            1). I’m talking about another storefront in that building, genius.
            2). B. Luna was forced out due to gigantic unreasonable rent increase, and no one wants to pay the higher than market rents there.
            3). You do not understand the science behind the industry. You don’t even seem to be able to grasp the concept of supply and demand.
            4). I never said he is a bad person; I said he is a slimeball.

  • Truth

    It’s really a shame that when the JPNDC built the eyesore of a building at the corner of Creighton they didn’t partition the retail spaces into smaller storefronts so new small mom and pop type businesses could afford to open up there. But greed is greed, even when done under the guise of a so-called non profit (that continually partners with for-profit outfits).