BPDA Approves 45-Unit Building at 3353 Washington St.

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) approved a 45-unit development proposed for the corner of Green and Washington streets at its December meeting. The proposed development was met with robust dissent from many neighbors when it was introduced to the community earlier this year.

Boston Planning and Development Agency

3353 Washington St.

According to the BPDA press release announcing its approval of the $18 million project, 3353 Washington St. will be an approximately 45,286-square-foot residential building with about 2,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space.

The five-story building will include approximately 45 rental units. Eight of the units will be deemed affordable. Six of those units will be targeted at tenants earning 50 percent of the annual median income, and the remaining two units will be for those earning 70 percent AMI.

3353 Washington St., considered a transit-oriented development projected, is located a short walk from the Green Street MBTA station. There are 24 designated parking spaces planned for the development, and significant bike-storage space.

When 3353 Washington St. was first introduced to the community in April, many meeting attendees voiced displeasure with various aspects of the project and with its developer, Mordechai Levin. Subsequently, at a meeting in May, the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council’s Housing Community Development Committee unanimously rejected the proposal, citing, among other concerns, that the developer was “doing the bare minimum” to confer affordable housing and community benefits.

At that meeting, attendees urged a representative for the developer to share estimated market-rate rents for the built units. These estimates came in at $1,800 t0 $2,500 per month for a one-bedroom unit, $2,200 to $2,875 for a two-bedroom unit and $3,500 to $4,000 for a three-bedroom unit.

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  • Brian P Murray

    More fake news from “JP News”.

    Many neighbors have also voiced APPROVAL for the project.
    I attended one BPDA meeting, and one JPNC regarding this project, and polite and well reasoned approval was voiced by half or more attendees at both meetings.

    Letters to the BPDA approving this particular project are just as numerous as those opposed, and various online media shows those favoring the project actually outnumber those opposing the project.

    Progressive Bostonians have long considered abutting obstructionists, and the archaic vision they try to defend, as partially responsible for the current housing crunch we face all across Boston.

    It’s time purveyors of fake news, JP News in particular, take their job as journalists more seriously, and at least attempt to cover these stories somewhat objectively.

    Thank you BPDA, for widening the housing pipeline.

  • JP Alliance

    what would you expect from a media outlet that only covers this side of the tracks when theres a protest or violent incident.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Thanks for the comment, JP Alliance. We always have room for improvement. However, if you look at our actual coverage of Egleston, it doesn’t match your description: http://www.jamaicaplainnews.com/tag/egleston-square

      • JP Alliance

        you do see how half of those articles relate to some form of controversy and/or political opposition. and the reason we get included in the fluff stuff is because there are ties to the centre/south corridor (“your jp”) business is business and you have to go where your readership/ad dollars are but dont act like washington street is of interest when theres no one holding a sign or trying to shut down a meeting

        • Monster

          Must be hard to type with that giant chip on your shoulder.

        • Robert Ellis

          JP Alliance — this site is basically an anti-development blog. When there are no development “controversies” (the same 20 people in a room yelling) they report on animal stories.

          • JP Alliance

            we could always use another 500 words on something that might be happening on centre street, right?

          • MariaC

            Speaking of which, what’s the latest on the cat with downs syndrome?

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