JP Condo Prices: My, How Things Have Changed

Jamaica Plain real estate wasn’t always the hottest neighborhood in Boston, but well-preserved (and sometimes not-so-well preserved) Victorian single-family homes could sell for more than $1 million. Lately, some condominiums are joining the million-dollar club.

Two condos in the same building with different addresses (58 Eliot St. and 108 Pond St.) are listed at $1.875 million each.

Take, for example, the very visible yellow house at the corner of Pond Street and the Jamaicaway. Two of the condos are currently listed for $1.875 million each, reports the Boston Herald.

Statistically speaking, condo prices are rising faster than single-family home prices in the Boston area, with condo prices jumping 12.2% in JP in the first half of 2016, according to It remains to be seen if those numbers will hold up as the year winds down.

  • J

    Fair point, though those yellow condos have been on the market for 265 days, which is probably why they got the Herald to do them a solid with that feature.

  • Carol J Galvin

    Being born in 1942, in Jamaica Plain, I have been able to watch this real estate boom. It’s like an elevator, at what point do the prices stabilize? What percentage of people will be able to always have a healthy income? I don’t have any consensus figures, but it seems to me a lot of people struggle to get through life. You can’t just put all of your income into housing, people have to live with money for everything else.

    I’ll be getting out at the top, thank you!