Mayor Tito Jackson? City Councilor Wants To Be Boston’s Next Mayor

District 7 City Councilor Tito Jackson declared he is running for mayor on Thursday at a press conference outside of the Haley House Bakery in Roxbury.

District 7 City Councilor Tito Jackson announced his candidacy for Boston mayor on Jan. 12, 2017 outside of the Haley House Cafe.

Jackson quickly released a cinematic youtube video about why he wants to be Boston’s next mayor. The video tells his “story” and his “vision for our great city.” Jackson will focus on fiscal responsibility, investing in public education, public safety and affordable housing.

“Fifty percent of families in Boston make $35,000 a year… and there are neighborhoods that are experiencing huge upticks in violence,” said Jackson in the video. “We are allowing people in our country to dismantle what our country is about. I’m running for mayor of the city of Boston for all dreams of young people… I will ensure our government is run with integrity.”

Previously, Jackson had been a supporter of Mayor Martin Walsh. And while Jackson hasn’t exhibited any vitriol towards the current mayor, Jackson does believe he can help the city more than Walsh.

Jackson worked in former Governor Deval Patrick’s administration as the Industry Director for Information Technology in the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development. He was then the Political Director on Patrick’s re-election campaign in 2010.

He first ran as an at-large city council candidate in 2009 and did not win. He won his current District 7 seat in a special election in 2011


  • Lisa Marie Garver

    Question: why is the word story in quotes?

    • Matt

      because it is a quote…

      the writer has not vetted the content of the video, it is Tito’s story according to to Tito.

      • Lisa Marie Garver

        Why would it be anything other than his story? Furthermore, the author of the article clearly knows a thing or two about him, as he makes statements without quotes.

        It wouldn’t be that hard for the writer to actually refute the “story” by doing the same homework he did to find the rest of what he wrote, rather than to imply that Councilor Jackson lied about his personal story.

        • Matt

          The use of quotes does not mean that the writer is implying that Tito is lying.

          • David

            But he is most certainly a liar. He is absolutely horrible. He has done nothing for his district. He has nothing as the Education chair. He is a complete hack that will lose the election and hopefully someone else more competent will take over his district. Someone should look in to his finances asap. its likely that he is commingling his charitable foundation with his personal funds of which he has very little..

          • Lisa Marie Garver

            David, you make a lot of statements without any credible evidence. You certainly have a right to comment but I urge you to back it up if you want anyone to hear you.

  • Peppy

    I would vote for Tito Jackson over the current mayor.

  • Cupcake

    That quote, 50% of Boston families make less that $35,000, is so wrong. I looked at city data. Way off. Why would he throw out that number when it is so wrong?

    • Monster

      He might be talking about per capita income, which is a very different thing than household income. The median household income in Boston is about $55k, and median family income is a little above $60k.

    • Robert Ellis

      For the same reason the anti-JP/Rox NIMBYists claim the average income in JP is $25,000. It’s a lie that fits the “narrative.”

    • David

      because Tito Jackson does not know ho to tell the truth. His entire campaign is about race and he has to lie about everything to be heard. He has never solved a problem in his life. He is just a big over grown problem creator.

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