MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes Coming to Jackson Square

A new burger-and-fries place is coming to JP this spring, as Texas-based MOOYAH will be opening its first Boston restaurant in Jackson Square.

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes are coming to Jackson Square in spring 2017.

“We are fresh, never-frozen burgers, grilled or fried chicken salads, sweet potato fries, hand-cut French fries, milkshakes, turkey burgers, lean green options and more,” said Jay Hummer, Development Agent for MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes.

The new restaurant will open at the corner of Columbus Avenue and Centre Street in Jackson Square near the MBTA station. Hummer said he hoped to open the restaurant in April or May.

MOOYAH has about 100 restaurants throughout the country and is expanding in New England, Hummer told Jamaica Plain News. There are three restaurants in Connecticut, one currently open in Northborough, Mass., and two more to come in Berlin and Billerica, according to the company’s website.

“We’re excited for the [JP] location due to the residents and T riders, and the redevelopment that has brought more life to the area,” said Hummer. “It’s a fun brand, just like the name, which was created by some fun-loving Texans while driving down the highway. It’s kind of like (former beloved ESPN broadcaster) Stuart Scott’s ‘Booyah!'”

Hummer said every month there is a taste-to-try menu option, such as this month’s turkey burger with avocado, jalapeño peppers, lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce all wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. There are lots of menu options, and customers are also welcome to customize their own meal, he said.

Just before speaking with JP News, Hummer said he had eaten a black bean burger on a multi-grain bun (all buns are cooked in house) with avocado, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce.

“We do burgers and fries really well and look forward to the people of Jamaica Plain and elsewhere really enjoying them, too!” Hummer said.

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  • Hugo_JP

    I first heard about Mooyah opening almost a year ago – lets hope they finally get their act together and get up and running.

  • Lisa Marie Garver

    I hope they don’t get their act together. It sounds terrible. We already have good food in Jackson Square. and I don’t mean any of those fancy expensive bougie places. One can get burgers anywhere.

    • StanleyStephens

      They have every right to open. I’m sick of people who clearly would rather see empty storefronts lining Centre St. over viable businesses providing jobs, while they wait and wait and wait for the perfect little niche business that caters to their millennial whim of the day to appear. There are lots of storefronts on the strip…why not open the business you’d like to see rather than complain about someone not opening the one you demand?

      • Lisa Marie Garver

        Its actually been a dream of mine to open either a music shop or a craft shop but unfortunately I’m poor and in debt. Not that it won’t ever happen but, yea, not any time soon. I was just posting my opinion like everyone else. They have every right to open. I have every right to state my opinion about it. 🙂

        • Peppy

          There’s room in JP for everything/everyone without wishing failure on someone’s business, yes, even a “craft” shop. Let the market dictate who fails.

          • Lisa Marie Garver

            It probably won’t happen anywya because I can barely afford to live let alone own my own/start my own business. There isn’t a craft shop or a music shop in JP. I work in jp where such things exist and we never have what people want. There is def a need for such a place. There isn’t a need for another burger place, let alone a chain burger place that comes from a different state. I don’t get why people say there are so many empty shops. Thats just not true, but if it were, its because landlords are spiking up rents due to perceived desirability. If some developers and realty have their way JP will become the new college destination. THere will be ongoing housing turnover, familys will have to move further away from the city IF they find a home and so on and so forth. The concept of just filling space is ill-informed. Again, rich neighborhoods have a major chokehold on what goes up. People still wnt to develope and work there. But instead they come here in order to make huge profits off of percieved “undesireable” properties. These properties are not undesireable. Is there room? sure, but why should we settle for less than what our neighborhood wants and needs just because its not a vastly wealty community????

      • Monster

        You say that now, but just wait until I open my speakeasy-themed, pay-what-you-choose artisanal cotton-candy shop that’s only accessible by tricycle.

      • JayV

        I think we could all agree that we need more retail fronts in the outer neighborhoods of Boston.