Eastern Bank Robbed

Boston Police say a white man in his 30s robbed the Eastern Bank in the middle of the Centre/South district on Monday.

Police received a call about the robbery at 4:17 p.m. The robber did not show a firearm, according to Boston Police Officer Jamie Kenneally. The man stood about 5 feet, 9 inches and wore a blue jacket and blue knit hat. The bank branch is at 687 Centre St.

  • David


  • Lisa Marie Garver

    If I don’t hear about the police shaking down every 30-somethiing white guy in JP I’ma be upset. :/

    • EmiePlunkett

      Sigh….shouldn’t you be mowing Jill Stein’s lawn, or something?

      • Lisa Marie Garver

        I actually wish Jill Stein had been pushing for racial justice much harder and much sooner. I wish that she had been doing it for a lot longer rather than trying to find a black running mate so late in the game. But thanks for your great addition to the conversation!

        • Vlad Richey

          You are exhausting

          • Lisa Marie Garver

            Are you sure its me? Maybe you just need a nap or a cup of coffee. Not to be predictable but my favorite coffee comes from City Feed.

          • LolaPashmina

            Entitled whining, complaining, and the setting up of self-serving Go Fund ME accounts are not a substitute for work.

          • Lisa Marie Garver

            How is my comment entitled, whining, or complaining? Also, what does my previous fundraiser have to do with any of this? Try putting up a real account and showing who you really are instead of making disparaging comments behind the guise of anonymous posting. The irony here is extremely rich.

          • Money is Power

            OK. Everyone. Shut up.

          • Reuben Blueberry

            Feel the love. #neighhbors #JP

          • LolaPashmina

            Just stating facts, dear. I don’t recall saying anything about you in my post, not one word. Here’s another fact: you’re the only one who associated yourself with the statement.
            Last word: Everyone has the right to free expression under the First Ammendment, my friend, not just the whiny & self-entitled.

    • Malena

      You’re right on Lisa Marie. Maybe Blanchard’s should investigate…

    • Paul

      Quiet down race baiter.