Turtle Swamp Brewing Opening on Washington Street in Spring

A new brewery, Turtle Swamp Brewing, said they’re planning on opening on Washington Street this spring.

Turtle Swamp Brewing’s website is a simple page at this point with its logo featuring a turtle shell and barley, an old school map of Jamaica Plain and an info box to subscribe to their email list. Also, the proclamation that the brewery is opening during the spring.

Former Harpoon brewer Nicholas Walther and partner John Lincecum are creating the Turtle Swamp brew house, according to Eater Boston. The brewery is currently being developed at 3377 Washington St.

Turtle Swamp Brewing is documenting their progress on their Instagram page.

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  • malena

    wish them well – don’t like the name much.

  • David


    • Money is Power

      David, you are a cuck.

    • Zoe

      I just moved into the neighborhood yesterday, but I don’t think Jamaica plain needs yet another place to buy/sell items that I may not want to purchase at this moment. What JP has always sorely lacked is a place for me to purchase, at hugely discounted prices, the things that I deserve, anything that suits my fancy, satisfies an urge of the day, caters to a whim that I don’t even yet know I have. And I don’t want to pay a lot for this stuff, either, because, after all, I’m me, right? Maybe they should just give me things. And I expect other people to patronize the store and pay full price. I mean, someone has to subsidize my “purchases”, right? The store should be conveniently located to me so that I don’t have to make any effort to get there. It should be near public transportation, which I don’t take, because I uber everywhere (thanks, mom); other people’s easy access to the bus makes me feel good.

    • jenuphoto

      There was never a bar at this address. This was a car repair garage.

      • larry

        jenuphoto, I remember when there was a bar it was called Brian J’s it has been gone for over twenty years…it was short lived…

        • Rio Paparazzo

          You are right and only the real Bostonians know about this that was born in Boston. Now we have 80% of the people in Boston that was born out of state and 20% still remain as the legends of Boston.

  • Lisa Marie Garver

    Not that this is a place for logical and reasoned discussion but just for S&G I’d like to make it clear that a Brewery and a Cafe that has a wine license opening up on Washington street makes a clear statement to me. It says “we are coming, and we bring yuppies– we don’t care who already lives here or what they want”

    God forbid people living in a neighborhood should want things and state what they want- especially poor and working class, but we *really* don’t need another damn brewery down the street from a Brewery. Seriously. wtftftf.

    • jenuphoto

      How about we give a new local small business a chance?

      • Lisa Marie Garver

        Well, first of all there are already local small businesses that exist on Washingtion street. There is already a Brewery on the next street over and there are plenty of restaurants and bars on washington street among other things, owned by actual families.

        Secondly, what is coming in doesn’t appeal to the current demographic of the neighborhood. It’s not about what I want, its about the fact that its a sign of what developers and the BDPA want to happen. They want Washginton Street to be like centre street but with taller buildings and more young up and comers– they want to say “Hey look we fixed up this shitty place” But most of the people living here don’t think this place is shitty, and those that do, are struggling with the fact that they probably want to live in wealthier neighborhoods and can’t afford it.

        First its a housing comple with 21 % affordability with affordable meaning only affordable for people slightly or fully above the poverty line. Then its a trendy restaurant and a brewery. This attracts people who don’t want or care about the mom and pop shops. They don’t care about their latinX nieghbors, they just want what they want when they want like a bar, a fancy sit down restaurant, etc. So to say that *I* a whining, is really hilarious. Because I’m simply stating my opinions that are based on my research and the fact that I live IN this neighborhood in affordable housing that is at risk and I LOVE this neigborhood.

        I love that its full of familys. I love that I see black and brown people, some of which speak in a language other than ENglish and that they are my neighbors and that we are all friendly. I love practicing my Spanish or pretending I know a few words in French. I love the small shops that are actually more expensive than stop and shop but I go there because its close and I feel good buying from a family or a small owner. I love that there are so many actvists groups and artists in the area. I love that there are kids that come from school in groups yelling loudly and excitedly with each other to the T or nearyby.

        I don’t want to have to move but I also don’t want to see this neighborhood dissappear as it is. I don’t want to see people forced out of the homes they’ve been living in for 11 years or even 2 years.

        So yes, I am picky about what is coming in because these shops will effect our neighborhood greatly. And I am insulted when people say that we need things that already exist in the neighborhood because they live in a different part of JP and really have no clue about thewashington st corridor.

        • David

          I live on Washington St and I’m pretty excited about a brewery where you can actually have a beer instead of a little sample at the end of hokey tour. And are you suggesting that black and brown people don’t drink beer? Tone down the rhetoric, jeez.

          This is a small business being opened by JP residents and you’re upset that it’s not the right kind of small business owned by JP residents. If you’re looking for some insane purity test, how many of your moms and pops live around here? The people that run that the stores on my corners sure don’t, they drive in and park on my street and block peoples cars in.

          • Money is Power

            David, you are a red piller.

          • Will

            I couldn’t agree more. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 15+ years and know that the local owner has as well. He’s making a personally risky move to try this new venture and I wish him well.

        • Squeamish

          If you don’t want this brewery in JP, that will bring jobs to the neighborhood, then you don’t have patronize it; you can tell your friends not to patronize it. If they don’t get enough business then they’ll close, the jobs will go away, and the space will remain empty. I’m not sure how that benefits anyone. Except Lisa.

        • David

          who made you the authority on what fits the demographic of the neighborhood?
          you love the activists in the neighborhood that get paid to protest because you are probably on their pay roll. you both achieve nothing and have incoherent arguments. Looks like you are a self proclaimed loser in the end. Condolences. I guess I won’t see you at the hip new craft beer parlor down the street. Why do the yuppies scare you so much? are they the wrong skin color? there are no such thing as black or brown or yellow yuppies? Do they intimidate you or something? what have they done wrong? Maybe if you and your activists advocated for more housing all these years/decades, the prices would be reasonable right now and more income brackets could afford to live here. You claim to be so inclusive but the reality is you just fear and shame success and want to keep everyone down. JP literally has more affordable housing than anywhere in the United States. The Yimby movement is here and will be successful if it can get the SILENT MAJORITY out to the meetings and get their voices heard. It is not going to be easy. You will need to talk over all the Nimby’s. Probably yell and scream and tell them to shut up just like they do when normal people try to speak up at meetings. Call your City Councilors and State Reps and Mayors office and tell them that you want more market rate housing now! You will need to fight for it. You will need to fight harder than the communist activists fight against it. You are the real affordable housing advocates! If you let them win, then no housing will ever get built and prices will continue to rise.

          • JP-Charlie

            Dude, I was with you 100% until you said “JP literally has more affordable housing than anywhere in the United States”. What?!?! In most situations, they “literally” are less affordable than the Massachusetts average, much less the U.S. (http://www.city-data.com/neighborhood/Jamaica-Plain-Jamaica-Plain-MA.html) Regardless, I am with you everywhere else.

          • Monster

            I think you’re confusing “affordable” and “subsidized.” Housing in Boston may be expensive, but it has the most subsidized housing per capita of any city in the USA. According to this report, 22% of all of Boston’s housing units are subsidized.

            In JP, about 26% of units are subsidized. In Roxbury, it’s 45%.


    • Bertram

      Hey Lisa, I think the letter from Zoe was meant for you.

      • Lisa Marie Garver

        I noticed the sarcasm and It’s not worth my time to directly comment.

    • Poor&workingclass

      Some of us ‘poor and working class’ people will probably be getting jobs there.

      Some of us ‘poor and working class people’ will be going there for drinks and food.

      NONE of us ‘poor and working class people’ elected you spokesman of the ‘poor and working class’ so Lisa we would appreciate if you would stop telling us what we need and want, and please leave us out of your lame pathetic arguments. Thank you.

      • Lisa Marie Garver

        If you really are living below 25k a year and want to have a discussion with me about why I am here making my “lame pathetic arguments” and you actually live in the area along the Washington Corridor you can email me or message me on facebook and I would be willing to talk online and/or meet up. I am not speaking for everyone, but it I am poor/working class and most of my neighbors are as well. It has been a long process of discussions on JPNEWS and also in person at the JP/ROX bdpa events in which many people have been pushing to voice opinions that are not being heard. Mine is just one of them, and my point in mentioning the “poor and working class” club that I belong to is because I believe that we all have a right to an opinion about what is happening to our neighborhood.

        I am not the bad guy. I’m just someone on the internet who reads a lot and tries to bring my perspective and speak up when I am concerned about what is being done or said. I don’t have any power alone, actually.

        But wealthy developers and the city govt planning group that is called the bdpa actually DO have power. They have *most* of the power, infact. As it was pointed out, in Dorchester a similar area got a new development with only 10% affordability in a nieghborhood with a LONG history of fighting gentrification and discriminatory practices of landlords.

        The only reason that the BDPA is offering up 30% or 21% depending on height restrictions, is because of the amazing proactive orgs who engaged direct action (protesting) and letter writing/consulting with lawyers.

        Speaking up makes a difference. Many people in this neighborhood have come to me and thanks me for speaking up on here because there do seem to be a lot of very short-tempered people that don’t post their real /full names and make rude comments such as what has been posted above. Speaking up creates an actual dialogue. Dialogue inspires action. Action creates change. Are you with me at all?

        • lets be honest


          I am sorry, but any white, american born person who only makes $25K a year should be ashamed of themselves…the 13 year old kid who shovels driveways on my street makes more than that. You have been given every advantage possible, what is wrong with you?

          Sounds like you have made some poor life decisions or you’re just a lame loser. Either way, stop reading the internet trolls all day everyday and go back to school so you can make more than minimum wage.


          • Ramblin’ Evil Mushroom

            You are a wretched human being. Delete your account.

  • Hugo_JP

    I live in JP and am happy to have a real brewery opening up. Everyone knows that Sam Adams is not a real brewery – its mostly a tourist trap. Almost all of their beer comes from PA, OR and NC.

    • JP-Charlie

      “Everyone knows that Sam Adams is not a real brewery”… I didn’t know that. I am a big beer fan too. I homebrew, have had Pliny and Heady, love Treehouse and Trillium, yet had no idea that Sam Adams was fake! I have been on a tour and everything! Wow, have I been fooled! Sorry that they aren’t your favorite. I guess that is the beauty of so many choices!

  • Monster

    Like every other thread on JPN recently, this one has been hijacked by petty, immature zealots looking for an ideological slap-fight, but I just felt I should say that I’m excited for the new brewery and am glad to see someone taking a risk on a cool new business. Hopefully it succeeds and adds something new and desirable to an already wonderful neighborhood.

  • Rio Paparazzo

    @hugo_jp:disqus Sam Adams has been in the real brewery business way before you were born so let’s not criticize them. This is not about them, this is about this new brewery coming into our hometown and crossing my fingers they hire latino/hispanic, white, black, asian and all different colors as employees that are a resident of JP and the Roxbury border line along JP.

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