City Feed Launches Fundraiser to Purchase Boylston Street Store

City Feed is looking to raise $60,000 in order to purchase the Boylston Street space where the market initially launched 17 years ago.

“As many of you know, in August of last year, we had to close the doors of our Boylston Street store while the building’s owners made major repairs,” City Feed’s owners write on the fundraising page. “The work has taken much longer than originally estimated. While the carrying cost has been a strain for us over the past five months, it has also provided the opportunity to negotiate a purchase of the space. Owning the space will allow us to ensure our future in our favorite corner of the neighborhood we originated in. We need to raise $60,000 by February 21 to cover the down payment on the property. Any additional monies raised will be used to complete the re-installation and re-opening of the store.”

Individuals can purchase City Feed store credit in the form of a “stored value card” toward in-store purchases at both the Boylston Street (dubbed “Little Feed” on the fundraising page) and larger Centre Street locations. Backers can receive rewards for their advance purchase cards, such as free espresso drinks or sandwiches, tote bags and ceramic mugs.

As of Thursday morning, the effort had raised more than $37,000 toward its $60,000 goal thanks to 120-plus backers.

  • BettyV

    I LOVE city feed! What a great idea. Honest value; much better than the mendacious strong arm tactics employed by the unscrupulous folks at tres unnamed restaurants. And you know the $ isn’t just going to pad the already overstuffed wallet of doyle.

    • BettyV

      Dear JP News. Since you choose to heavily edit my posts here every time I express my opinion regarding their questionable business practices I can only surmise that someone in your organization is an owner/investor in the tres gatos organization. I understand that this “news” site belongs to you so you can do whatever you like. It’s just too bad that your journalistic integrity (not to mention honesty) is drawn into question if you edit content in order to benefit your financial interests.

      • JamaicaPlainNews

        The owners of JP News do not have a financial interest in the ownership group of Tres Gatos, Centre Street Cafe and Casa Verde. We do have an interest in providing a platform for civil discussion. So we occasionally remove or edit comments that are inflammatory or insulting.

        • BettyV

          Just because controversial or unpopular opinions might be contrary to the interests of your paper, that does not make them inflammatory. But what a lot of readers might find quite insulting, though, is that local business people are allowed make questionable claims then are inexplicably defended and protected by a supposedly unbiased “press”, and differing opinions are stifled.

          • Grindah

            Welcome to TRUMP’S NEW WORLD ORDER. I didn’t expect it to hit JP so soon.

  • Lisa Marie Garver

    I can’t afford their food but when I splurge on a fancy coffee, city feed is always where I go. Looking forward to see it open again.

  • Hugo_JP

    How much difference is this to what Tres Gatos/Centre Street is doing? Tres Gatos/Centre Street Cafe can’t afford to (or simply wants to) pay their back of the house staff more but don’t have the funds so they tack on a surcharge of x% to all bills so the customers pay.
    City Feed wants to but can’t afford to buy out the Boylston Street location so they ask the public to give them the money to do it.
    True, City Feed’s method is voluntary but in the end, there seems to be something wrong with both business models.

    • A Flat

      The difference is so huge that space does not allow me to explain it to you. Sadly, your remark reveals a fundemental lack of understanding about commerce, entrepreneurship, the new peer-to-peer economy, the essential importance of keeping a cornerstone retail establishment alive and well in the Stony Brook neighborhood, and on and on. I don’t know you, but I venture to guess that you might not remember what it was like to live here in say, 1980, when I arrived. Drive by shootings. Crack houses. And so on and so forth. Since then, my long-time neighbors and I have survived three separate economic “downturns”, one of which cut the value of our homes by 50%. Just because condos sell for 500K doesn’t mean JP can’t slide back into the bad ol’ days. We NEED small businesses in this part of JP and all over JP. Small businesses borrow money all the time, and that is essentially what the Feed is doing. They are also allowing the community to make an investment in maintaining the quality of life in this part of the city, and the repayment comes, perhaps partially, in CSA-like prepayments for goods and services to come + the added value of keeping the neighborhood moving forward. Or, how about this: we just turn our backs on both the owner of the building and the commercial tenants of the building and let them fail, wait for some unknown person to buy the place in a fire sale and do God knows what. More latte, anyone?

      • Hugo_JP

        Before I loan money to fund City Feed’s expansion plan, I’d like to get a sense of their financial health. If their finances are such that a bank would not lend them money, then I don’t know if the public should either.
        Oh, and “more latte”? City Feed serves the same demographic that a latte-serving coffee shop would and creates just as many $500K condos as a Starbucks.

  • JC

    Cafe Nero Here I Come
    Whatever happened to that fine old tradition of going to the bank and asking for a loan?
    This bs amounts to little more than panhandling, with a shiny new twist. If any of us walked into their store (or the other $$beggers MANY businesses) and asked them for some cash so to buy a second, third, or fourth house they’d laugh in our faces. They would not give any of us a dime. Yet these businesses continually beg beg beg for money to open business after business after business. It’s a disgusting practice.

    • Marty

      I agree although it took me a while to figure that out. It’s like the concept of buying vegetable shares in a farm….I think…

  • GoatWatch

    False advertising. City feed has no goat feed whatsoever. Only people feed. Baaaad!

    • JPGoatHunter

      I’m on to you, Goat! Watch your back!