Suspended Register of Probate Félix D. Arroyo Has Deep JP Ties

Felix D. Arroyo

Facebook page of Felix D. Arroyo for Suffolk Register of Probate:

Felix D. Arroyo

Suffolk Register of Probate Félix D. Arroyo, whose roots go deep in JP, has been placed on paid leave while his office is under investigation.

Arroyo’s lawyer told the Globe that entrenched court employees sabotaged his efforts to hire a more diverse staff.

The suspension has provoked ire from Arroyo’s supporters, including Máximo Torres, a columnist for the JP-based El Mundo Newspaper. Torres said Arroyo has not been accused of wrongdoing and was suspended without due process.

Arroyo for years lived in JP. The native of Puerto Rico came to political prominence as the first Latino to win a City Council seat. He lives in Revere now, according to his son, Félix G. Arroyo. His son, who still lives in JP, followed him into politics and has also served on City Council. Jamaica Plain News spoke to Félix G. Arroyo Tuesday outside City Hall, where he is chief of Health and Human Services. He had no comment about his father’s suspension.

  • Peppy

    It would be a shame if his long and distinguished career were marred by scandal.

    • Marty

      I agree. But I also wonder – does this need to be an elected position and at a high salary? The office has been mired in scandal for years – maybe they need to clean house and let go of everyone who works there. It sounds like a mess.

      • Peppy

        I’m not saying I’m surprised; my one face to face interaction with him he was extremely unpleasant & unprofessional.

  • Hugo_JP

    Where there’s smoke there’s likely fire. Seems reasonable to suspend someone while allegations are being investigated.

    • Marty

      Sometimes that is true but it also works both ways.

  • Skeezix

    Any time someone has had a disagreement with him he cries racism. The old geezer needs a new card to play; that one’ gettin a bit worn.