Purple Cactus Donated 100% Revenues Thursday to ACLU, LULAC for Day Without Immigrants

In honor of the national protest movement A Day Without Immigrants, Jamaica Plain restaurant Purple Cactus donated all of Thursday’s sales revenues to the local branches of the ACLU and LULAC.

Purple Cactus remained open on Feb. 16, 2017, and donated 100 percent of sales revenues to the Massachusetts ACLU and LULAC Boston in honor of A Day Without Immigrants.

Purple Cactus announced its support of A Day Without Immigrants through its Facebook page and also posted signs in its front window and at the register. Several staff members said they were excited when they saw the sign at the register, as were customers as they flowed into the Centre Street business Thursday afternoon.

“I was going to consider closing,” Marie O’Shea, the owner of Purple Cactus, told Jamaica Plain News. “There wasn’t interest [among employees] in not coming to work. So I felt that we could honor them by doing this. The [Massachusetts] ACLU is great. And I wanted to do something local, too, so I asked our employees if they had any favorite [organizations that help immigrants]. They recommended LULAC Boston.”

LULAC stands for the League of United Latin American Citizens; half of Thursday’s sales revenues will go to the Boston branch, O’Shea said. The other half will go to the Massachusetts branch of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Other businesses around the Boston area and country did not open for business Thursday or gave workers the option of not coming to work without retribution; some workers chose to strike as well. These A Day Without Immigrants actions are intended to demonstrate the contributions of the immigrant community to the U.S.

  • Sarah

    A great gesture!

  • emitchells

    This is really incredible! They certainly are getting more of my business now at Purple Cactus! 🙂

  • Trans Global Girl

    That’s fantastic! What a great example they set! If a majority of us supported organizations that fight for rights, we could buy back our country.

    • swansea

      So our country is for sale? What an ignorant thing to suggest.

      • Trans Global Girl

        Where have you been?

        • swansea

          And where have you been? You don’t buy back something that was stolen from you; you TAKE it back. Clearly you can’t understand normal thinking.

          • Trans Global Girl

            Normal thinking is what got us here.

          • Peppy

            Errr, you may want to re-read that last sentence.

  • malena

    yep. this is the kind of support for the “back of the house” that similar restaurants should make. Purple Cactus, I already loved you but I love you even more!

  • swansea

    A first rate move for a very mediocre restaurant.