Independent Boutique Caramelo Clothing Company Closing at End of Month

Sadly, the independent mens boutique Caramelo Clothing Company is closing its Centre Street store at the end of the month.

The Caramelo Clothing Company at 606 Centre St., in Jamaica Plain is closing at the end of March 2017.

Owners Carolina Tejedor Meyers and Tatiana Tejedor posted on Facebook about the decision to close their store.

“Saying Goodbye Sniff, Sniff…Thank You For An Amazing Journey! With deeply mixed emotions, we’re writing to let you know that we’ve decided to close Caramelo Clothing by the end of this month. Our reason for closing—we’re looking into a new exciting venture! We’ll keep you updated as the new journey unfolds.”

Carolina Tejedor Meyers and Tatiana Tejedor, owners of Caramelo Clothing Company.

Founded in 2013, the boutique prides itself on being a hip, urban independent mens store offering unique t-shirts, vintage-style jeans, classic shirts and more. The owners also love dispensing fashion advice!

A silver lining is the store must sell everything and is offering 30% off the entire shop — and the sale rack is up to 50% off.

  • BettyV

    That’s really a shame. But on a positive note, that storefront is at the mid-way point between his other places and perhaps this gives doylie a chance to open another venue to foist on us more overpriced mediocre food and pass it off as him the selfless Good Samaritan.

    • Hhss


      You’re welcome to do better. …But of course you won’t bc complaining is easier than actually accomplishing anything.

      • BettyV

        Dearie: I don’t believe one word the owner of that restaurant chain says regarding his creative (i.e. back-handed) method of getting customers to pony up extra cash for his grossly underpayed employees while he stuffs his pockets with cash. If you don’t mind being a sucker, then by all means go there and give him all of your money. After all, there’s one born every minute….P. T. Barnum and Bernie Madoff counted on it, and so can doylie, evidently. Sorry if it gets your panties in a twist when someone expresses their opinion, but go whine about it to someone who actually cares. 😉

    • return

      You have got to have something better to do with your time.

  • Rosemary Jones

    Your windows have been a colorful bright spot on the block. I will miss seeing your display.