Orange Line Extension to Rozzie Square Envisioned

Possible route of Orange Line extension along Commuter Rail line

City of Boston: Go Boston 2030

Possible route of Orange Line extension along Commuter Rail line

A giant report on how to overhaul the city’s transportation system includes an item of keen interest for JP residents: An extension of the Orange Line from Forest Hills to Roslindale Square.

City Hall published the report Tuesday. The full 224 pages are required reading for transit advocates. But many neighborhood residents might focus on page 157. It describes how Orange Line riders could get a one-seat ride all the way to Rozzie Square by using track next to the commuter rail bed.

Mayor Marty Walsh’s report estimates a $500 million pricetag and 15-plus year timeline for the extension. A glance at the terrible difficulties facing the Green Line extension in Somerville should be enough to stir skepticism that the project will ever happen. But hey, at least it’s on the mayor’s wish list.

For a description of the other 57 projects envisioned by City Hall, read WBUR’s coverage. Other projects with JP impacts include a greenway for Columbia Road and making the whole corridor from Forest Hills to Jackson Square more “multi-modal” — transportation engineer jargon for being able to walk, bike, drive or take public transit.

We’ve embedded the full page on a possible Orange Line extension below:


  • Patty

    The T cannot even manage to maintain and keep the present fleet operating and functioning so why extend the misery to Roslindale? I commute to North station daily and EVERY day this week has seen delays due to disabled trains, signal problems or “schedule adjustment”. Before spending $500 million to extend the line how about spending money on infrastructure to make the system work for those who already have the misery of using it daily.

    • Malena

      I agree. Plus, what’s happened to the Orange line extension north?

  • Hugo_JP

    Would it not be more cost-effective to run a shuttle train (commuter rail) between Roz and FH? The Needham line has 40-60 minute intervals between trains so running a short shuttle train every 6-8 minutes during rush hour should not be too difficult to implement and cost a heck of a lot less than $500 million to actually extend the Orange and build a whole new station and siding?

  • DBM

    While it would be great to get to Forest Hills more easily, I wonder what constructing a subway station would do to Roslindale Square. Many end-point stations have huge parking garages. I would not be too thrilled to see one of those go up.

  • AlanThinks

    For a tiny fraction of the proposed OL extension cost bus service between Rozzie Square and Forest Hills can be improved with a rapid bus line along Washington st by removing the parking (this is proposed in the plan but should be expanded to eliminate all parking along Wash). Extending the Orange Line would require a massive infrastructure development while providing a tiny amount of additional ridership and revenue to the T. It won’t happen. Better to spend scarce resources on improving bus service and more bicycle lanes/paths.

  • Matt

    $500M for 1.3miles of above ground light rail on an existing right of way. That is insanity. There is no reason it needs to cost this much. Other cities and countries build similar or more difficult public infrastructure projects for a fraction of this.

    • GoatWatch

      Let’s build it out of mud and straw to save money!

    • Hugo_JP

      Los Angeles is building an 8 mile light rail extension (including a 1/2 mile underground tunnel) for $220 million per mile. Boston’s preliminary cost is $380 million per mile. Can we just hire LA to build our subway??