Target Tosses ‘Jamaca Plain’ T-shirts

Mega-retailer Target is withdrawing Boston T-shirts because the items feature misspellings such as “Jamaca Plain” and “Southy.”

A shopper at the chain’s new Central Square store spotted the errors on Monday.

That’s Central Square, Cambridge of course – not the mythical “Central” neighborhood that looks to us like Downtown.

A representative of Minneapolis-based Target apologized for the error and said the shirts will be taken out of retail circulation, the Globe reported. According to a search of the Target web site on Wednesday, the offending clothes had already been removed. Other T-shirts in Todd Synder’s “Local Pride” line, including ones with Boston themes, are still on sale.

If you must have a shirt that says “Jamaica Plain,” however, there are several locally owned shops, including On Centre and JP Centre Yoga, that will sell you typo-free JP paraphernalia.

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