Pizza-Eating Squirrel Spotted in JP Treetop

Here’s some fun “slice of life” citizen journalism out of Jamaica Plain: A neighborhood resident spotted a squirrel indulging in a slice of pepperoni pizza Wednesday, and her social media post quickly went viral.

Liz Polcha, a Ph.D. candidate at Northeastern University, shared the following photo and message on Twitter late Wednesday afternoon.

According to Universal Hub, Polcha was peering out her window on Boylston Street in JP when she glimpsed the carb-hoarding rodent. Boston Magazine, meanwhile, took the opportunity to round up some other famous pizza-consuming critters.

Maybe the JP Music Festival, which has long used imagery of JP’s elusive albino squirrel on its promotional materials and merch, might consider a new mascot for this year’s festivities?

  • Rosemary Jones

    Does anyone remember the gang (“murder”) of crows that used to hang out and comment on the scene viewed from the billboard on top of what is now the CVS at the corner of Moraine and Centre? They used to pillage the dumpster behind the pizza place a the corner of Boylston and Centre and bring the stale crusts to my backyard birdbath at 36 Moraine Street. Crusts softened and picked at, they flew off and I cleaned up their leftovers.

    • Chris Helms

      Thanks for sharing that. You really paint a picture!

      • Rosemary Jones

        Thank YOU! I loved those crows. They always seemed to be enjoying themselves.