Historic Hatoff’s Gas Station Closed for Weeks, Getting New Pumps

Customers looking to fill up at Hatoff’s gas station on Washington Street were surprised last week when they found the business fenced off and no longer offering gas. But don’t worry: One of the cheapest gas stations in the area will be back in several weeks after it installs new pumps.

The gas station is scheduled to get new pumps installed in April, Inspectional Services Department (ISD) spokesperson Lisa Timberlake told Jamaica Plain News.

How about some history about Hatoff’s? There’s actually been a Hatoff’s gas station in Jamaica Plain since 1924, reported UniversalHub.com on Sunday.

Morris Hatoff, Stan’s father, opened the Hatoff’s Texaco station near the current Forest Hills MBTA station in 1924, according to Stan Hatoff’s obituary from when he passed in 2009.

The station became Stan’s after Morris died in a car accident in 1965; thus, the business became Stan Hatoff’s, according to a Jamaica Plain Gazette article from 1993 on the Jamaica Plain Historical Society’s website. Stan had gotten to know the business at a young age, including pumping kerosene at the age of five. Eventually the station moved to its current location in 1974 after the state took the original site by eminent domain.

  • netfish

    who or what owns hatoffs now?

    • Spike

      John Tamvakalogos

  • Marty

    I remember when Hat’s Off was at Forest Hills station tucked in on the side of the old station.

  • Monster

    Maybe the new pumps will accept those newfangled “credit cards” that all the kids are using.

  • Spike

    Great puff piece and free advertising for a bad business. While it may be seen as some kind of inconvenience for those worried about, and looking for the cheapest gas around, the business, and now the unmitigated din, dust, and fumes of construction, is a blight on the neighborhood.

    • Robert Ellis

      Hey… blights on the neighborhood keep JP affordable.

  • Marty

    I’m glad it’s getting renovated and not getting sold for lux apartments. As the Boston Globe reported recently, the City is losing gas stations. Whether we like it or not, we’re a society that depends on gas vehicles. Remember, UBer and Lyft drivers still have to fill up their tanks.

    • Robert Ellis