JP Neighborhood Council’s Letter Opposing Variances for 211 Green St.

City Hall went against the recommendation of the JP Neighborhood Council, an elected advisory group, to approve variances for a controversial development at the corner of Washington and Green.

Here is the text of the May 4 letter from the JPNC to the ZBA:

Christine Araujo, Chair

Board of Appeal 1010 Massachusetts Ave.,

4th Floor Boston, Massachusetts 02118

Re: 211 Green Street, Ward 11, BOA675434

Dear Ms. Araujo:

At the April 2017 meeting of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council, held Tuesday, April 25, the Council members voted 9-3-0 to request the Board of Appeal to DENY ALL EIGHT VARIANCES SOUGHT FOR THIS PROJECT because:

1. The appeal for this project does not satisfy the requirements of Article 7, §7.3 of the Boston Zoning Code for the granting of variances;

2. This project was approved by the BPDA before the final draft of Plan JP/Rox was prepared by the agency and approved by the BPDA board.. The developer seeks variances for a site where under current zoning, residential housing is forbidden and the height is excessive; while at the same time requesting the increased height granted in the final draft of Plan JP /Rox without achieving the affordability required by it.

3. There is insufficient compliance with the JPNC Inclusionary Zoning Policy and that of Plan JP/Rox;

4. The developer has failed to engage sufficiently with the residents of the relevant neighborhood to resolve concerns about the project; and,

5. Numerous residents of Union Avenue and Green Street are opposed.

Very truly yours,

Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council

Kevin F. Moloney, Chair

cc: Board of Directors, BPDA and, via e-mail, to: Marie Mercurio, BRA; Alexandra Valdez, ONS; Councilors O’Malley, Murphy, Flaherty, Pressley and Wu; Representatives Sanchez and Malia; and Senator ChangDiaz; JP News; JP Gazette, Boston Bulletin, Michael Ross