Medical Marijuana Dispensary Proposed for Hyde Park Avenue; Reps Appearing at Tuesday JPNC Meeting

A medical marijuana company wanting to open a dispensary on Hyde Park Avenue will appear at the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council on June 27.

The Massachusetts Patient Foundation (MPF) spoke at the JPNC on May 23 to “introduce themselves,” said Joseph Lekach, an adviser for Massachusetts Patient Foundation. He added personnel have already met with the 4Ws Neighborhood Association4, as well as the neighborhood watch.

The company previously proposed to open a dispensary at 561 Centre St., in Jamaica Plain, but after speaking at a community meeting it was learned there was a daycare within 500 feet. Massachusetts medical marijuana laws state dispensaries must be at least 500 feet away from a daycare.

Now the company is proposing a dispensary at 54A Hyde Park Ave. The dispensary would be roughly 1,500 sq. ft., said Lekach to Jamaica Plain News.

At this location, MPF will be able to serve patients from the entire area due to the proximity to the MBTA Forest Hills station. Also, the closest place where children commonly congregate is more than 500 feet away.

Lekach said MPF has no plans to open a retail marijuana dispensary, which will be allowed in the state after Massachusetts voted in favor of legalizing marijuana in a 2016 ballot question.

“Medical marijuana is a cause we believe in and it’s a medicine that actively helps people. Our proposal is actually purely for a medical marijuana facility and in no way for a retail marijuana dispensary. If we have the privilege to apply for a special permit, the only use allowed under that special permit would be medical marijuana,” said Lekach.

  • Tim Williams

    I think marijuana is already dispensed from that corner.

  • Trans Global Girl

    The dispensary in Brookline is right next door to a daycare facility and has been for at least a year with zero problems. What gives?

    • SallyQ

      You’re wrong, as usual.

      • Trans Global Girl

        Judgement with no explanation – typical q-ball response

        • SallyQ

          Not a judgement, just stating fact.

          Childish name-calling; exactly what we expect from you. Wha wha whaaaa. It’s getting old.

          • Trans Global Girl

            You still haven’t explained one thing. Challenge yourself – you can do it. Think, think.

  • Monster

    Why not just dispense it from CVS like every other prescription? I realize that there are federal laws that prohibit this, but selling it out of weird weed medicine stores just casts a pall of shadiness over things.

  • Watch City

    I go to this dispensary all the time. It’s in the old Brookline Savings bank on the corner. I don’t know why people are so concerned about this. The doors are locked. You need two IDs to get in to the place, one of which is your medical license from DPH. There is always a police officer detail there. Then you have to show your IDs a 3rd time to the staff. The stuff is so expensive you can’t buy it and sell it. Everything is on camera, including outside. Kids will not be able to hang out at the dispenses because of this security feature. However, they still hang out outside at liquor stores for alcohol and cigarettes. Why doesn’t law enforcement stop THAT?