JPNC to Consider Trio of Three-Family Building Proposals

A trio of proposals that would create several three-family residential buildings in Jamaica Plain will go in front of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council zoning committee Wednesday.

The first proposal is to raze a single-family home on Lamartine Street and replace it with a three-story building containing six units. According to the zoning committee’s agenda, the proposed development at 279-281 Lamartine St. would combine two lots to create an 11,658-square-foot lot. The proposal would also include a parking garage to house six vehicles.

The committee will also look at a request to renovate an existing two-family building at 31-33 Woodlawn St. to create a three-family residence with three bedrooms and two bathrooms per units as well as exterior decks, and to construct a second three-family residence with two bedrooms and two bathrooms per unit, as well as build a common garage with six parking spaces.

Finally, there is a proposal to demolish an existing single-family dwelling at 7-11 Wise St., combine parcels to create a 4,060-square-foot lot, and construct three tri-level townhouse-style residences with three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms each, with parking for three vehicles.

Further details on the latter two proposals are linked to from the JPNC website. The July 5 meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the Farnsworth House at 90 South St.

  • reco power

    (279-281 Lamartine St. proposal) are we not going to be happy until every square inch of jp is filled with multi unit condo buildings? the escalating trend of knocking down historic homes, cutting down all the trees, and then building as big as can be gotten away with to maximize profit for the developer is slowly but surely destroying what is great about the neighborhood. disgusting.

  • marty

    Totally agree with you. We’re rapidly turning into Cambridge, where available inch has been built on.