DCR Scraps Proposed Anson Street Dog Park

Fido, Rex and Cleo won’t be getting their own spot on Anson Street anytime soon after the Department of Conservation and Recreation decided not to move forward with its proposed dog park.

The DCR had proposed converting a small street hockey rink on the Southwest Corridor Park near the Forest Hills MBTA station into a dog park, but abutters pushed back on the idea, leading to DCR to look for other options, reported the Jamaica Plain Gazette.

There was a public meeting on April 5th about the proposed dog park on Anson Street. And while abutters did not support the proposal, the meeting was also not well attended, City Councilor Matt O’Malley told the Gazette. O’Malley has suggested there may be more suitable spots on the Southwest Corridor for a dog park.

The DCR is continuing to look for sites in the neighborhood appropriate for an off-leash area where dogs can run free, according to DCR spokesperson Mark Steffen, and is encouraging residents to email their proposals, comments or concerns to Mass.Parks@state.ma.us or calling the community relations line at 617-626-4973.

  • Monster

    On the one hand, that rink is useless (street hockey? really?). On the other, dogs are gross and annoying and their owners are usually weird.

    It’s a lose-lose.

    • Paul

      You’re a bitter little punk aren’t you

      • Monster

        Sorry if I insulted your smelly, yapping dog. Or your hair.

        • paul

          trust me the only person you’re insulting here is yourself

          • Monster

            Well, this has been confusing. I think dogs (and their irresponsible owners) are a public nuisance, which is totally on-topic for this article, so I’m a bitter punk troll who’s embarrassing myself.

            I’m not defecating in your yard while my owner walks on cluelessly. I’m not barking out the window all day and night. I’m not off leash and attacking joggers, endangered birds, goats, etc. while my owner smilingly blurts that “ohhhh, he’s just playyyyyyinnnggg, he likes to playyyyyy, he’s a resssscuuuue!!!”

            This is why I say that dog owners are weird. They often literally cannot comprehend the notion that others don’t like their sweet, special, rules-don’t-apply-to-him pups.

          • johnnyq

            see what I mean, Paul? wait until they’ve reached adulthood

      • johnnyq

        don’t feed the trolls, paul. wait until they’ve matured into adults