City Holding ‘Help for Houston’ Drive Starting Tuesday

The city of Boston is holding a three-day Help for Houston Drive starting Tuesday through Thursday and residents are being asked to contribute items to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. There are numerous locations to bring donations, including City Hall and two community centers in Jamaica Plain.

“Our thoughts are with the people of Texas. So many are struggling during this challenging time. As we have done in other emergencies and which has been done for us, Boston will step up and help through the darkest hours,” said Mayor Martin Walsh. “I’ve made it clear to the mayor of Houston that Boston is here for them. Let’s come together as a city, contribute in any way we can, and show Houston that they have Boston’s full support.”

Please donate new clothing and blankets, toiletries, diapers, baby formula and non-perishable food items at multiple locations in Boston:

  • City Hall (3rd Floor Lobby & 5th Floor Mayor’s Office Lobby)
  • 1010 Massachusetts Ave (5th Floor)
  • Bolling Building, 2300 Washington St., Roxbury (1st Floor Lobby)
  • 26 Court Street (1st Floor Lobby)
  • Boston Centers for Youth and Families HQ, 1483 Tremont St., Roxbury
  • Boston Centers for Youth and Families sites, including the Curtis Hall Community Center and the Hennigan Community Center in Jamaica Plain

For more information please visit

  • Janet Foster

    I live in Spring TX a suburb of Houston and we are suffering. I just happened upon your post and couldn’t help but want to thank the city of Boston. This is fantastic and so needed….Boston Proud!!!!

    • JC

      We hope you’re doing ok, and things get back to normal there asap. I’m sure 100 percent of our representitives in Congress will vote to send you all the aid you need. Not like 20 of your currently sitting texas congressmen and BOTH of your did when we desperately needed aid after hurricane Sandy. They ALL voted to send nothing. I hope you’ll keep that in mind next time you vote republican.

      • Marty

        umm. Is this the best time to bring that up? I’m on your team but remember Michelle Obama’s words, “when they go low, we go high”. This is a time to go “high”.

        • JC

          Fuck politeness. I think it is vital to immediately point out the hypocrisy of those currently in power, and not sugarcoat it. Particularly since these very same texan republican politicians wholeheartedly support the policies of the current president, who is without a doubt a white supremacist. And it is the majority of texan voters who put cruz and cornyn, along with the nazi-in-chief in office. If the original poster is offended, good. She should be. And I hope she is equally offended by the actions of her senators and representatives. Get real; would you tell the Jews of 1939 Germany, “umm, now’s not the best time…”?

          • Monster

            Godwin’s law achieved in record time!