Antiques Store Cobwebs Closing After 26 Years on Centre Street

Through more than 20 years customers have been drawn to Cobwebs’ eclectic merchandise on its sidewalk outside of the store on Centre Street. But unfortunately there’s only a limited time for people to grab that item they’ve pined after for years, as the owners of the antiques business have decided to close after 26 years.

Cobwebs, at 703 Centre St., will be closing on Dec. 15th, 2017, after 26 years of business.

The owners of Cobwebs announced they are closing the store on a Facebook post and there is currently a 50% off everything sale in the store. Through the years the storeowners have prided themselves on having something for everyone: furniture, rugs Sterling silver, artwork, jewelry and more. When strolling through the store’s first floor or basement shoppers can easily miss much of the eclectic offerings available — so take your time and check out every corner and table.

The store will be closing on December 15th, but the owners said they are “semi retiring” and will continue to do antique shows.

The store is located at 703 Centre St. Carrot Flower, a new restaurant serving smoothies, salads and other healthful items, hopes to open in the space in spring 2018.

  • Lynn McSweeney

    Good luck and enjoy your well-earned retirement, dear Patrick(s)! And thanks for all the treasures in my house that will remind me of your wonderful and welcoming store, and your entertaining banter.

  • Patricia M Thomas

    I am nearly crying – again – as I see this in print. I will miss both of you, Stephen and Patrick, and I will miss the uplift your beautiful shop gave to Centre Street for so long.
    I will no longer be able to stop by and say hi or compliment you on a window or just look around.
    I will have to be satisfied with an occasional encounter on the street and your legacy – some of my most beloved furniture.
    You worked hard for many, many years – relax some now and enjoy a good life – you deserve it!

    • Patrick + Stephen

      Thanks so much for you kind words it has been wonderful to be part of this amazing JP family and we consider ourselfs blessed
      to be able to continue to live here, see you out and about, we will have to meet for lunch at Carrot Flower in the spring