New ‘Fresh and Spicy’ Taqueria Coming to Forest Hills

It looks like the Forest Hills restaurant scene will receive a boost this February when a new taqueria opens on Hyde Park Avenue.

Achilito’s Taqueria is planning to open at 38 Hyde Park Avenue in February 2018.

The website for Achilito’s Taqueria declares itself as “fresh and spicy” with a wood fire grill while utilizing seasonal ingredients. There will be small batch offerings such as spicy salsas and tasty looking tacos.

The restaurant will open at 38 Hyde Park Avenue in a new building at the corner of Weld Hill Street across from the Forest Hills MBTA station.

The new restaurant has also already created a buzz with local residents.


  • Vlad Richey

    It’s a shame all of this development is creating these good opportunities for local small businesses to open.

    Wouldn’t it be better for this lot to become commuter parking for Forrest Hills? Isn’t that really the best use of all real estate?

  • Robert Ellis

    To think this development was violently opposed by all the NIMBYs who prefer anything over more housing, including vast expanses of asphalt.

  • malena

    is there parking?

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      We believe parking is on Hyde Park Avenue.