Jeannie Johnston Pub Crew Competing Against 170 Trivia Teams in Geek Bowl

A crew of trivia geniuses representing the Jeannie Johnston Pub & Grill are looking to defeat 170 other trivia teams from around the country in Geek Bowl XII, which is being held in Boston for the first-time ever.

Courtesy Geek Bowl

The Geek Bowl will take place on the east coast for the first time in its 12-year existence. Geek Bowl XII will be at the Agganis Arena on Saturday, February 17th. More than 169 teams from across the country will compete for $20K in prizes.

This year’s Geek Bowl is being held at the Agannis Arena on Feb. 17th from 7 to 11 pm and it will be a raucous time!

But our local JP representatives, with a team name of Allegedly Attorneys, in this bowl for geeks aren’t exactly confident in their abilities to win the whole darn thing. When Jamaica Plain News asked two of the members if they were going to win. Their responses were:

“Absolutely not! We’re looking forward to having a great time, though,” said Devin Guimont.

“Ha! No, probably not. But it will still be fun,” said Elizabeth Van Blarcom.

The teams had to pay to get into the competition, but cash prizes of more than $20,000 are up for grabs. And it’s also a good time to drink some beers and enjoy live entertainment with 90s rock band Letters to Cleo. Some funds from the event will go to support the Boston-based Artists for Humanity organization, whose mission is to “bridge economic, racial and social divisions by providing under-resourced youth with keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design.”

As for Guimont’s and Blarcom’s best trivia topics — Guimont said U.S history and politics, and Blarcom said hers is science and geography.

And how are they getting ready for the big bowl?

“Wind sprints and protein shakes every morning!” joked Guimont. “No, we try to play weekly with a few friends, generally at Jeannie Johnston’s in Jamaica Plain, so that’s our training regiment.”

As for whether their trivia talents are better when drinking? Guimont said no, while Blarcom said she does play better, particularly because “drinks allow you to be more vocal with that first reaction.”