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Malia: These Are My Legislative Priorities — Part I

January 2017 marked the official start of the 190th legislative session. Members of the Massachusetts legislature filed over 5,000 bills, and over the next two years, the House and Senate will review each bill to determine if it should become law. The legislative session begins when elected officials file legislation. This is best known as sponsoring a bill. Later, legislators formally register their support for a bill by becoming a co-sponsor. Continue Reading →

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JP Dogs Walk Red Carpet at PetPals ‘Pawscar’ Awards

On February 11, PetPals hosted an Oscar Award Ceremony with their participating volunteer animals. These “Pawscars” were a fun and entertaining way for the residents and staff of the Rogerson House to experience cuteness right in their neighborhood. Every pet walked the red carpet and won a Pawscar award, bag of dog toys, and flowers for their human partner. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Rally to Demand Promised Jackson Square Rec Center on Tuesday

[Editor’s note: Because of the weather, the rally has been moved to Tuesday. The headline and story have been updated to reflect this change.]

Youth of Jamaica Plain and Roxbury were promised a major recreation center in Jackson Square 16 years ago by the state during the Jackson Square redevelopment project. After many years of waiting, the youth leaders of the Hyde Square Task Force will be holding the “Where is the Love for Urban Youth?” rally on Tuesday. (more…) Continue Reading →

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44-Unit Apartment Building at 25 Amory Supported by JPNC

The author is a private citizen in Jamaica Plain who attended the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Zoning Committee meeting on Feb. 1st and submitted the following report to Jamaica Plain News. 

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Zoning Committee supported a planned 44-unit rental apartment building for 25 Amory St. at its meeting on Feb. 1st. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Malia: Proposed Committee Name ‘Mental Health, Substance Use Recovery’ Emphasizes Real Possibility of Recovery

The language we use to describe ourselves and others matters. In an effort to replace harmful words and change attitudes, the Massachusetts House of Representatives gave initial approval to change the title of the state’s legislative joint standing committee on behavioral health Feb. 2nd. If adopted, the committee would be entitled the Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery. The proposal reflects an effort to eliminate terminology that promotes stigma and defines individuals by their substance use disorder. Continue Reading →

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