Suspect, 17, in Custody After Alleged Stabbing at Green Street MBTA Station

A 17-year-old suspect is in custody after allegedly stabbing a 19-year-old victim at the Green Street MBTA station on Friday around 2:40 pm. The victim suffered serious, but non-life-threatening injuries, according to MBTA Transit Police Superintendent Richard Sullivan. The station was closed for a brief period of time as the incident was investigated. It appeared Boston Public Schools outreach coordinators were onsite during the investigation, including one wearing an English High School pullover. A Boston Public Schools spokesperson referred Jamaica Plain News to the MBTA Transit Police for information.

Q&A: Ayanna Pressley on Running for Congress, How She Varies from Capuano, #MeToo and Human Trafficking

At-Large Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley is running for U.S. Congress to challenge fellow Democrat and longtime incumbent Michael Capuano. Pressley answered questions from Jamaica Plain News about her candidacy, why she's chosen to buck the system and challenge an incumbent within the same party, her city council accomplishments and more. Q: You're running for the 7th District of the U.S. Congress while serving on the Boston City Council. How are you balancing a congressional campaign and your council work? Pressley: I’m running for Congress to elevate the work I’ve done on the Boston City Council.

District 6 City Councilor Matt O'Malley

Q&A: City Councilor O’Malley on Banning Plastic Bags, Gentrification, Dog Parks and More

To compost or not to compost -- District 6 City Councilor Matt O'Malley knows the answer. That's not the only answer Jamaica Plain's city councilor recently provided to Jamaica Plain News in a ranging interview. Q: Your ordinance to ban single-use plastics bags was approved by the city council in November and signed into law by Mayor Walsh. When will it take effect and how will businesses be informed about what they need to know? O’Malley: It’s slated to take effect one year after its passage from the date the mayor signed it into law, which was December 15th.

JP Neighborhood School Students Create Original Musical Play ‘Balancing Water’

Every other year, the students at Neighborhood School in Jamaica Plain present an original play. This year’s production, "Balancing Waters," explores themes of scarcity and plenty, hoarding and sharing, and the question of whether everyone can get what they need. One of the most unusual things about the mangrove tree is that it can make its own home. Mangroves are specially adapted to live where the land meets the water, and they are able to tolerate levels of salt that would kill most plants. They have huge roots — some, called prop roots arc out from the trunk, supporting it like a cathedral’s flying buttresses — which combine into dense tangles.

Bukhara Temporarily Closed After Permit Suspended Due to Failed Inspection

Bukhara, an Indian restaurant on Centre Street, has been closed since March 1st after its license was temporarily suspended by the city due to failing an inspection. There is also a sign on the door that says the restaurant is closed for renovations. Although Bukhara has an A rating on the city's website, the restaurant’s permit was suspended for several violations after a March 1st inspection. The restaurant was cited for 12 separate violations. It is commonplace for restaurants to be cited for violations during inspections.