Mayor Walsh: Support Small Bizs During Holidays to Keep Our Neighborhoods Thriving All Year Long

I grew up in a neighborhood of hardworking families, where everything seemed within reach. It was thanks in large part to our incredible small and local businesses. For years, these local landmarks have carried on the traditions of my neighborhood, and generated the prosperity that’s helping Dorchester thrive to this day. I know my experience was not unique. Small businesses are the lifeblood of all Boston’s neighborhoods.They hire locally; they reflect our rich diversity of cultures and languages; and they care deeply about being good neighbors.

Mayor Walsh: How We’re Bringing Bostonians of Different Generations Together Under One Roof

Every year, more and more people are calling Boston home. Our population is growing: we’re expected to surpass 700,000 residents before 2030, which are numbers we haven’t seen in decades. This growth means that housing is in high demand. In 2014, we released our housing plan. It’s a roadmap to help us keep up with demand by creating 53,000 new units by 2030.

How Boston is Helping the People of Puerto Rico and You Can, Too

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the people of Puerto Rico, those who live here and those who are on the island, as they recover from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Maria. I am incredibly proud to share that we are stepping up as a city to support them in their time of need. Together with The Boston Foundation, we have established the Massachusetts United for Puerto Rico fund, a fund that is dedicated to the relief and reconstruction of Puerto Rico and will support any Puerto Rican person arriving in Boston and the Commonwealth who have been impacted by Hurricane Maria. I encourage residents to visit to learn more about the fund. Together we are sharing the important message to the people of Puerto Rico that we are here to help, for as long as they need.

Mayor Walsh: How We’re Recognizing Recovery Month

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the recovery community -- and I know many other Bostonians have had the same experience as me. That’s why it’s so important we create strong pathways to recovery, and why I’m proud Boston recognizes September as Recovery Month here in our city. Recovery Month is a time when we highlight Boston's recovery community: those who are struggling with substance use disorders, their loved ones and the care providers who support people on their recovery each day. We know that substance use disorders are a disease -- and those who are suffering need our help. This month is dedicated to all those who are working to improve their own lives and the lives of others.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

Mayor Walsh: Starting the School Year Together to Help Every Student

The start of the school year brings a lot of change into our students’ lives: new classes, new teachers, new subjects to tackle. September can be an inspiring time, a season that brings students, teachers and families together as they work to accomplish a shared goal: a successful, completed school year. But I know starting the school year isn’t always easy for everyone -- for a lot of students, school can be tough. It was that way for me. When I struggled as a student, my teachers and schools helped me -- and I’m proud that for all students, Boston Public Schools have resources that are there to help each and every student succeed.