Are You a Gentrifier? This Slate Calculator Aims to Tell You

A simple “Are You a Gentrifier” calculator based on income, household type and geography has been making the rounds. Here’s what we found when we asked residents about it.

Of course there are lots of ways to judge whether a particular family is contributing to gentrification. Slate’s method boils down to whether your household’s income is above the median income of Jamaica Plain for three different household types:

  1. Family, no kids: $96,435
  2. Family with kids: $94,686
  3. Living alone or with roomates: $64,223

If you fill out the widget, you may also find it says JP is too rich to be gentrified. (AKA, JP has already been gentrified.)

And if this widget says your family is gentrifying the neighborhood, here are some good tips from Oakland Local on how to be a good neighbor.

Several locals chimed in on the Jamaica Plain News Facebook page when we asked about this calculator.

One former JP resident had this to say:

I wonder if it counts that when we were priced out of JP and moved to Rozzie we were not gentrifiers, but have worked our way in to an income that would now categorize us as such. Maybe we’re passive gentrifiers as opposed to active gentrifiers?

Another resident, citing the ground-breaking work of urban planner Jane Jacobs, said that’s actually not gentrification but rather exactly how cities should work.

Please click through to Slate to use the “Are You a Gentrifier?” calculator.

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    I can no longer live with my guilt. Will someone just please tell me the exact neighborhood in which I can ethically live?