BostInno: Lowcountry-Style Southern Restaurant Coming to Centre Street Sanctuary Space

BostInno reported Thursday that the team behind a Brookline restaurant plans to open a Southern-style restaurant in the key Hyde Square space recently vacated by Centre Street Sanctuary.

The restaurant, to be named “The Frogmore” after a stew popular in coastal South Carolina, aims to open this summer.

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Good news for Jamaica Plain residents! The team behind Brookline’s Fairsted Kitchen (owners Andrew Foster and Steve Bowman) announced today that they will be opening a new restaurant, dubbed The Frogmore, this summer in JP. The new restaurant concept, described as a “Lowcountry kitchen and bar,” will be taking over the old Centre Street Sanctuary space.

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  • Hugo_JP

    Most excellent news. I used to live across the street from Fairsted in Brookline and it was our favorite restaurant. Hoping that they run Frogmore as well as they run Fairsted.