CEO of Boston Beer Co. Brewed Up $27M Compensation in 2014

David Harris at the Boston Business Journal delved into the filings to find what the CEO of Boston Beer Co., which has a brewery in JP, made in 2014.

Head over to the Boston Business Journal for details on Martin Roper’s compensation package for 2014.

The Sam Adams Brewery is a major tourist attraction for JP. Even if you’ve never taken the brewery tour yourself, you’ve seen tourists clutching their white Sam Adams bags taking in the ambience at Doyle’s.

Beer is good business, and it’s been good for Martin Roper, the 52-year-old CEO of The Boston Beer Co. Roper reported 2014 compensation and value realized from prior equity awards of $27 million. That total included $1.2 million in total compensation plus $25.8 million in value from the vesting of stock options in 2014.

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