Close Look: The Central Plaza of the New Casey Arborway

Detail of plan for Casey Arborway

Detail of plan for central plaza of Casey Arborway. Credit: Department of Transportation

Resident Clay Harper, who closely follows transportation in JP, examines the plaza at the heart of the new Casey Arborway configuration.

Click through to Harper’s blog for a detailed look at the features of this central portion of the project. He describes how the bike paths, pedestrian paths and new subway entrance would work.

The first public meeting for the construction phase of the huge Casey Arborway project is set for Wednesday, Jan. 21.

The crumbling Casey Overpass will be torn down and replaced with a network of surface roads.

Here is a detailed view of the central Casey Arborway. Please click the image for much higher resolution: The new Southwest Corridor Park Plaza along the northern side of the Arborway between South Street and Washington will see substantial changes of benefit to the surrounding community.

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