Drinking Fountain Scene of Melee After Funeral for Man Who Shot Cop in Face

Universal Hub reports on the Boston Licensing Board mulling what punishment to give a Washington Street bar after a fight erupted among mourners for Angelo West, the Hyde Park man killed by Boston Police after he shot a cop in the face.

The violence, which sent at least one person to the hospital with wounds from either a knife or flying glass, occurred at The Drinking Fountain.

For much more on the incident, for which any discipline would be handed down on Thursday, please click through to Universal Hub.

The Boston Licensing Board decides Thursday whether the Drinking Fountain shares any of the blame for an all-out brawl that sent at least one man to the hospital with a stab wound on April 7.

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  • Hugo_JP

    I can’t imagine what rationale the BLB could use to punish the Drinking Fountain. Is it the owner’s fault if 2 or more patrons who happened to walk in off the street suddenly start a fight?