Globe Praises JP Restaurant For Paying Workers More Than Minimum Wage

Canary Square got a shout-out in a Boston Globe editorial for being among the area restaurants that pays its hourly employees more than the minimum wage.

The Morrissey Boulevard editorialists argued consumers should take into account how a given restaurant treats its workers before eating there. They recommend a smart phone app, “Eat Shop Sleep,” that shows Department of Labor data on whether the business has violations on record.

Read the entire editorial here (metered paywall in effect.)

Americans have started to care deeply about how their food came to be. At restaurants, we ask probing questions: Are the greens organic? Were the cows grass-fed? We fret over whether our chicken could run around the farmyard. We take comfort in knowing that the pickles were prepared in-house, and that the cucumbers came from just an hour away.

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