Globe: Troubling Conditions at City’s Animal Shelter

Boston’s animal shelter, which is near JP in Roslindale by the Arboretum, is in crisis, according to a Boston Globe report. Thirty-five animals have been moved to other shelters and the acting director of Animal Control has been suspended with pay.

The Animal Rescue League discovered such troubling conditions in the Roslindale pound that it warned the city the shelter was in crisis. Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s administration reacted swiftly. Officials launched an investigation, moved 35 animals to other shelters, and suspended the city’s director of animal control and is moving to fire him.

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  • Jimmy James

    The whole thing was a set up. Very one-sided article with zero balance in the reporting. If anyone thinks there is no other side to all they wrote last year, then you’re naive as can be.
    This is not over. MAY BE the Jamaica Plain News can be the publication that actually gets to the bottom of the REAL story/politicall agenda behind this biased Globe article