Globe Writer Terms Forest Hills to Jackson Square ‘Desolate Stretch’

A Globe article about Mayor Marty Walsh’s plans to allow higher density housing and less parking in two parts of the city — JP and Southie — writes off the entire stretch between Forest Hills Station and Jackson Square Station (AKA the entire neighborhood) as a “desolate stretch.”

Here are the key paragraphs:

In a speech to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Walsh said sections near the MBTA’s Red and Orange lines would be designated as transit-oriented growth zones. A Boston Redevelopment Authority task force will examine the two desolate urban stretches and recommend zoning changes to encourage development.

Walsh offered few specifics about his plan, but said it was needed to lower rents, spur retail investment, and “breathe new life into underdeveloped streets.” The mayor has targeted Dorchester Avenue in South Boston between Andrew Square and Broadway, and the Orange Line in Jamaica Plain between Forest Hills and Jackson Square.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced Wednesday that he planned to spur construction of moderately priced housing on underused land along subway lines in South Boston and Jamaica Plain by allowing developers to build larger buildings with fewer parking spaces.

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  • KarlaV

    That comment jumped out at me, too, when I read the Globe story. Considering the fact that Green Street and Stony stations are in the Southwest Corridor — a park — I’m not sure what they’re thinking. Maybe the quasi-industrial nature of the buildings along Amory?

  • Luis Edgardo Cotto

    Karla brings up a great point. Seeing so much conversation in the past months about a corridor study running from Jackson Square to Forest Hills, my assumption is that the area the Mayor has in mind is Columbus Ave and Washington Street as streets that are parallel to the Orange Line. So I read the “desolation” comment to mean that area. If in fact the Mayor is speaking to the immediate area next to the stops meaning Amory Street, then Karla’s comment is equally dead on.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Thanks, Luis! We’re planning lots of stories following up on what exactly this means for the neighborhood.

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