Holmes Bill Would Leverage Affordable Housing Along Orange Line

Boston.com reports on a new bill filed by State Rep. Russell Holmes, D-Mattapan, that would allow the T to sell land below market value if developers build housing for middle- and low-income residents.

The bill would support Mayor Marty Walsh’s goal of adding 53,000 new housing units by 2035.

Thousands of new condos, apartments, and townhomes aimed at middle-class buyers and renters could take shape across Boston along various T lines, under a new plan being floated by city officials.

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  • Jameson

    The T is in dire straights. I don’t think it’s wise for it to sell some of its major assets for less than market rate. Far better would be to lease it out, and get some long term income, or build and manage dense housing itself. That’s how the Asian systems that make a profit do it, and similar to how Boston developed originally.