How One Neighborhood Pooled Resources to Clean Its Own Sidewalks

Boston, like many cities, leaves clearing snow and ice from sidewalks to residents and business owners. One neighborhood in Ann Arbor, Mich. took a different approach. Neighbors pooled funds and bought a tractor that cleans the sidewalks down to the pavement.

Jamaica Plain does have Snowcrew, a cooperative service for neighbors to shovel snow for elderly or disabled people.

Read the full story on the Ann Arbor neighborhood’s cooperative sidewalk-clearing at The Atlantic’s CityLab.

As Midwesterners and East Coasters prepare to receive another several inches of snow, pedestrians in a small neighborhood in Ann Arbor, Michigan, can rest assured. They know that SnowBuddy will clear the way for their commuter walks or errands to nearby downtown.

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  • I’ve also talked to someone on Williams Street who told me about a group of neibors who will work together to help everyone get sidewalks cleared after storms. Unfortunately, some folks will dig out their cars and throw the snow not on the piles between their cars and the sidewalks but on the (formerly cleared) sidewalks, making people have to clear the sidewalks all over again. As someone did just yesterday morning.