List of TV-less Boston Bars (Correctly, It Turns Out) Neglects The Behan

UPDATE: Thanks to a regular at the Behan, I’ve learned I was wrong. There are two screens at the Behan, but they are rarely used.

Original post:

Luke O’Neil wrote a column urging more Boston bars to kill their televisions. In his list of TV-free bars, he missed The Brendan Behan.

In O’Neil’s defense, he did give a disclaimer that his list probably missed a few.

In Boston you’d be hard pressed to think of many bars without a television. That will be especially true tonight as the Patriots travel to face the Kansas City Chiefs.

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  • Neal

    While there’s nothing better in my book than a bar free of TVs, as a regular of the Behan I’m afraid I have to correct the record: There are, in fact, two screens there. One is a small box that sits on one of the shelves and is rarely turned on. The other is a projection screen that gets pulled down in front of the list of beers during sporting events of great interest.

  • JamaicaPlainNews

    Thanks for the clarification, Neal! I knew about the pull-down screen, but when I think of TV-free bars, I think Behan. Canary Square has a similar method of covering their screens when not in use.

  • Leaning Libertarian

    Back in 2003 / 2004, during some gripping Red Sox series, I know of a few bars (Not in JP) that quickly added TVs as their October crowds dropped off a cliff. I realize there is a joy to just sitting and talking sometimes (instead of staring); I’m just adding a bit of history.