Nightmare Tenant Addles Adelaide Street Oldtimers

Globe columnist Thomas Farragher reports on a World War II vet and his wife who are in Housing Court with a tenant who simply won’t leave.

After he served his country in World War II, came home, and got his plumber’s license, Hilbert Nickerson plunked down $15,000 for the old house on Adelaide Street in Jamaica Plain. His father had owned the place before him, and Hilbert decided the rambling three-story in a handsome neighborhood would be a good place to start a family.

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  • Hugo_JP

    I feel sorry for the Nickersons and expect that their case will eventually prevail. While Mr. Schatten may think he’s winning the battle, he’s going to lose the war now that his name and actions here in JP have been publicized. He’s going to need a lot of luck when he tries to rent his next place.