Proposed Rule Would Limit Chains in City’s Business Districts

Universal Hub reports on a “formula business ordinance” that would protect Boston’s 20 Main Street districts from being overwhelmed by chain stores.

As Roslindale Village Main Street begins to fight against a proposed chain pet store, the group is beginning to seek city regulations that could cap the number of national stores and restaurants that could open in the city’s neighborhood business districts.

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  • Hugo_JP

    It’s going to be a very slippery slope if/when they try to define “chain store”. What if Boingo opened up a 2nd and 3rd store in the area? Has it become a “chain store”? Do we run them out of town when they’ve been successful and opened up their 5th store?

    • mjb918

      I believe the larger point is that Chains tend not to be community based, so dollars spent overwhelmingly leave the community to enrich some corporate headquarters/ shareholders elsewhere. So, one criteria might be, is the business local? Is it private or public?