T Sitting on $2.2B While Projects Like JP’s Arborway Yard Go Undone

The panel of experts tapped by Gov. Charlie Baker to fix the MBTA has found some eye-popping facts about the transit agency. Among them — the T is sitting on $2.2 billion earmarked for capital projects. On the long list of T projects that never happened is the $200 million transformation of the Arborway Yard.

The project has been on and off the T’s blueprint for capital projects. Right now it’s off. The Gazette has a rundown of where the Arborway project stood as of this summer.

The MBTA, which has repeatedly cried for more funding, has failed to spend more than $2.2 billion earmarked over the last five years to fix its dated, problem-plagued system, according to the expert panel Gov. Charlie Baker created to examine the embattled agency.

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  • Jameson

    “The MBTA did not leave $2.2 billion of cash unspent. This is untapped bonding authority, not free cash.”


    • Kate Hutchinson

      The real issue with Gov. Baker’s blue ribbon panel is that none of them, as far as I can tell, are bookkeepers, accountants, or financial analysts. All they did was write something Baker wanted to hear, and didn’t bother to consult someone with relevant expertise to answer their questions.

  • JamaicaPlainNews